Reed slams Cuomo for refusing to work with FEMA on enhanced unemployment benefits

CORNING, NY — Today, Rep. Tom Reed called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for prioritizing political optics over the financial needs of New Yorkers. 

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo stated New York will not collaborate with the federal government to provide individuals with $400 in enhanced unemployment benefits as outlined in President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders. The orders outline a process by which the federal government will cover $300 of the $400 benefit, with states covering the remaining $100. 

More than 10 states, including those run by state Democrats, have already applied and been approved by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide their citizens with boosted unemployment aid. New York is one of the only states to outright refuse the assistance. 

States have the option to count their existing unemployment benefit payouts towards $100 they owe, which means partnering with the federal government often adds no extra cost to the state. Many states have already opted to do so. 

“The Governor should immediately reconsider this short-sided refusal because real people are suffering. Why should New Yorkers’ wallets be held hostage by the Governor’s partisan politics and the state’s long-term financial mismanagement when other states are happily distributing much-need aid to their communities,” Reed asked.

“We will continue to fight for a bipartisan stimulus deal at the federal level that delivers comprehensive relief. In the meantime, however, Governor Cuomo should put his personal pride aside and work with the administration on a proven solution that ensures New Yorkers gain access to critical financial relief they deserve,” Reed explains.

Despite receiving significant support from the Trump administration and federal aid from Congress, New York has consistently bashed federal efforts while downplaying its own mistakes over the course of the crisis, including Governor Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home policies

Meanwhile, the state has yet to distribute significant portions of the funding they receive from the CARES Act, instead opting to hold on to the funds.

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