Pagels narrowly wins caucus nomination for Seneca presidency

Seneca Nation Treasurer Matthew Pagels narrowly won the Seneca Party caucus nomination for President. Pagels was nearly defeated by John “Joonie” Williams, in a vote of 733 to 700.

The offices of President and Treasurer rotate between the Nation’s Cattaraugus and Allegany Terrtories in two-year terms. Current Seneca President Ricky Armstrong secured the Seneca Party nomination for Treasurer, in a vote of 885 to 536, over Sandy Abrams-Hill.

Marta Kettle easily won the nomination for Clerk in a vote of 1,066 to 359, over Shelly Huff.

The Seneca Nation Council is comprised of sixteen Councillors serving four-year terms. Half of the Council is elected from the Allegany Territory and half is elected from the Cattaraugus Territory. Eight of the Council seats are up for reelection every two years.

Seneca Party nominees for the Cattaraugus Council seats are Presley Redeye (921 votes), Lisa Maybee (775 votes), Elliot ‘Chub’ Jimerson (597 votes), and Keith White (576 votes).

Nominees for the Allegany Council seats are Al George (778 votes), Tim Waterman (654 votes), Arlene Bova (554 votes), and Josh Becker (532 votes).

Travis Jimerson was nominated for Chief Marshall.

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