Senecas plan to roll out ‘gaming apps’ for Players Club members during COVID-19 outbreak

Seneca Gaming CEO Holly Gagnon is a leading national figure in the Indian Gaming industry and is seen as one of the most innovative executives in the space.

Rumor has it that the Seneca Gaming Corporation is developing a ‘top-secret’ gaming application for home play on phones and computers during the COVID-19 outbreak, which prompted the Seneca Nation Tribal Council to shut down its casino venues — halting revenue streams that fund the Nation’s governmental operations.

The Chronicle is told that those digital gaming platforms will be made available exclusively to it’s Player’s Club Members — at least at first.

Tribal governments have the civil regulatory jurisdiction to regulate internet commerce within their sovereign sphere of jurisdiction.  Servers operating on territory would fall within this sphere of civil regulatory jurisdiction, whether they are hosting gaming devices on behalf of the Seneca Gaming Corporation, Seneca Gaming & Entertainment, or the Seneca Nation Economic Development Corporation.

It’s unclear if the Tribal Council will vote this week to authorize Tribally-chartered sole proprietorships or Tribally-chartered limited liability corporations from operating these gaming platforms independent of the Seneca Gaming Corporation — which is regulated more specifically by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Seneca Nation entrepreneurs are encouraging President Ricky Armstrong to begin authorizing Tribally chartered corporations — owned by private Native American businessmen — to operate digital gaming platforms independently of the Nation’s primary gaming corporations. 

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