District Attorney

Peter Reese keeps quiet about rumors of a run for Erie County District Attorney

Pioneering election law attorney and Democratic Party official Peter A. Reese is widely rumored to be preparing petitions to run for Erie County District Attorney, but the retired cancer research scientist is keeping quiet about his intentions. Those close to


NYSERDA must reveal secret study, Judge rules

Ruling in favor of the Empire Center, a state Supreme Court judge in Albany has ordered the Cuomo administration’s energy and environmental agencies to release a supposedly incomplete “comprehensive study” of how to meet the governor’s aggressive renewable energy goals.

Norb's Corner

Norb’s Corner: paper or plastic?

     BY NORBERT RUG The recent decision by New York State to prohibit single-use plastic bags from retail stores makes it an ideal time to reexamine one of my favorite environmental quandaries. Plastic grocery bags were developed as a

Feature 1

Soros-tied group run by top Democrat operatives promotes global agenda

Another influential group aiming to spread leftist billionaire George Soros’ radical global agenda has popped up in the United States. It’s called the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group (TDWG) and it is an offshoot of the Soros-funded German Marshall Fund, a liberal foreign policy

Democratic National Committee

Judicial Watch sues FBI for records on Seth Rich

WASHINGTON, DC – Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the FBI for all records related to murdered Democratic National Committee (DNC) Voter Expansion Data Director Seth Rich. Rich, 27, was murdered on

Foreign Policy

Another tragedy unfolds in Syria

BY DANIELLE PLETKA On February 2, a little known anniversary passed with barely a remark. On that day in 1982, Syrian forces entered the town of Hama and massacred thousands, as many as 20,000 men, women and children. When I


Wanted: Better neighborhoods

New research shows the importance of high-amenity districts for a healthy civil society. BY RYAN STREETER One of the most influential ideas to shape public policy at the end of the twentieth century was the concept of “mediating structures.” While


A reality check on aging and Medicaid

BY BILL HAMMOND In the face of New York’s rapidly rising Medicaid spending, both the Cuomo administration and some of its critics have pointed to demographics as a driving factor. The state’s population is aging, they have said, so long-term care costs

Public Health

A Medicaid boost for unions?

BY KEN GIRARDIN Amid Albany’s Medicaid over-spending crisis, the state Health Department is reconfiguring a little-known portion of the deficit-ridden program in what looks like a scheme to squeeze union dues from roughly 110,000 Medicaid-subsidized in-home caregivers. About 74,000 New Yorkers

Letter to Editor

HAMMOND: Fact-checking Mujica’s op-ed

BY BILL HAMMOND A fact-check of the newly published op-ed by state budget director Robert Mujica, defending Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid proposals, shows it to include a number of exaggerated or misleading arguments. The article, published in the Daily News, focuses on Cuomo’s