In 27th congressional district, Mychajliw promises to debate McMurray if Jacobs won’t

If Chris Jacobs won’t debate Democrat Nate McMurray, Stefan Mychajliw will

HAMBURG, NY – Congressional candidate Stefan I. Mychajliw Jr. has announced he will accept a debate challenge from Democrat Nate McMurray, if State Senator Chris Jacobs refuses McMurray’s challenge to eight proposed debates across NY-27.

Jacobs has not yet accepted McMurray’s invitation to the series of debates, and there is much discontent inside the Republican Party and Conservative Party following Jacobs’ nomination from party leaders.  Activists suspect that the nomination was sold to Jacobs by State Chairman Nick Langworthy and his wife, Erin Baker, who were both extensively — many say inappropriately — involved in the county chairmen’s’ deliberations.

Baker was hired months ago to serve as Jacobs’ fundraising director, presumably on a commission basis, immediately before Jacobs fundraised more than $1 million in campaign contributions, largely from his wealthy family and personal social network.

Langworthy and Baker stood to make much more in the event that Jacobs secured the nomination through the special, primary, and general elections — which would require fundraising millions of dollars more.  Baker has not yet released the details of her employment agreement with Jacobs or the amount she has been compensated to date.

Baker also serves as the fundraising director of the Erie County Republican Committee, whose offices are located in a Theater District property owned by Jacobs.

Activists are asking the Southern District of New York to investigate the circumstances surrounding Jacobs’ arrangement with Langworthy and his wife — specifically the circumstances surrounding a high-dollar fundraiser at a Republican woman’s club in Midtown Manhattan that the State Chairman had helped to arrange.

They worry that the Western District of New York is unlikely to investigate Jacobs or his family, given the influence that their privately held firm wields in Western New York.  In late 2016 Deleware North, the multi-national concessionaire and casino operator, hired the US Attorney for the Western District William C. Hochul to serve as its general counsel.  Hochul is married to Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul.

Republican foot soldiers have begun questioning Langworthy’s loyalties. Despite promoting himself as a Trump supporter, he endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2016 primary. He also appointed Ray Walter, who managed John Kasich‘s local campaign, as Vice Chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee following his ascendancy to the State Chairmanship.

Activists can’t understand why the State Chairman would push for a moderate-to-liberal candidate who is widely known as a ‘Never-Trumer’ as the party standard-bearer in the most heavily Republican-enrolled district in New York.  Suspecting corruption, party footsoldiers across the state have expressed ire with Langworthy’s short tenure.

Mychajliw agreed to debate McMurray in all eight counties across NY-27 if Jacobs declines the Democrat’s open debate invitation.

“Someone has to stand up for Republican values. If ‘Republican in Name Only’ Chris Jacobs won’t, I will. Since RINO Chris Jacobs has a record similar to Nate McMurray, he is clearly afraid to debate him. Unlike Mitt Romney donor Chris Jacobs, I never said I supported abortion rights, favored gay marriage and opposed the death penalty. While Chris Jacobs is scared to stand up for his RINO, moderate record, I have no issue debating Nate McMurray,” Mychajliw said in a statement this morning, which has been widely circulated on social media.

“Voters should hear Chris Jacobs defend his record of increasing his own pay by $50,000 and his vote to fund Planned Parenthood. RINO Chris Jacobs’ core values are very similar to Nate McMurray’s. Do we want to send an Albany moderate to Washington that is afraid to debate Nate McMurray? How are you going to take the fight to radical progressives like Nancy Pelosi and AOC when you’re afraid to engage Nate McMurray here at home?” Mychajliw added.

Many Republicans have been lobbying Jacobs to instead run for Congress against Democrat Brian Higgins in the neighboring 26th congressional district — where Jacobs is seen as highly competitive.

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