Peter Reese keeps quiet about rumors of a run for Erie County District Attorney

Pioneering election law attorney and Democratic Party official Peter A. Reese is widely rumored to be preparing petitions to run for Erie County District Attorney, but the retired cancer research scientist is keeping quiet about his intentions.

Those close to him suspect that Reese may enter the Democratic Party primary in the coming weeks.¬† It’s also thought that such a candidacy would included nominations from the Conservative, Working Families, and Green Party lines.

John Flynn, the first-term incumbent, will also be appearing on the Republican Party line — which has upset many Democratic Party footsoldiers.¬† Many Democrats are still upset that Chairman Jermey Zellner did little to support Bernie Tolbert‘s candidacy for Sheriff, at a time when the African American community felt that civil rights issues at the Holding Center demanded it.

That Zellner is now cross-endorsing a Republican for a position as sensitive to civil rights issues as District Attorney is falling flat among committeemen.

Reese did not respond to The Chronicle for comment.


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