Republican activists plan to circulate ‘Draft Don Junior’ petitions in New York congressional primary

Republican activists in New York’s 27th congressional districts are outraged in the aftermath of party bosses’ endorsement of State Senator Chris Jacobs, a policy moderate who is well known as a ‘never-Trumer’ and has been hostile to second amendment rights, in a special election scheduled for April 28.

It’s prompted a small cabal of Republican activists and party committeemen to launch a petitioning effort to get Donald Trump, Jr, President Donald Trump‘s son, on the ballot in the Republican primary scheduled for June 23.

“There is no way that Western New York could cultivate more influence and access to the Administration than by electing Don to the 27th district,” explains one local businessman.  “The needs and concerns of Western New York would have a direct line to the Oval Office — something that we’ve never had — not even in the days of Jack Kemp during the Reagan administration did we have that kind of influence.”

Nomination petitions are allowed to be circulated between March 6 and April 12.


Candidates for Congress are not required to reside in the district where he or she plans to run prior to appearing on the ballot but would be required to move into the district upon being elected.  The law allows anyone residing in New York to run for Congress in any of New York’s congressional districts.  The younger Trump resides in Manhattan and would, therefore, be eligible to seek the seat.

Representing a rust-belt region of the country would add to Trump’s political narrative. He is known to aspire to run for higher office — including, some have speculated, for Governor of New York.

Trump is a well-known supporter of second amendment rights — which is expected to be a major issue in the primary.  Other candidates who have announced there intention to participate in a primary include Erie County Comptroller Stephan Mychajliw and Darien Town Justice Beth Parlato.  State Senator Rob Ortt has not yet indicated whether he plans to enter the primary.

If drafted with the petition signatures of 1,250 members of the party from inside of the 27th district, Trump will have to formally accept or decline the ballot position by early March.


If you are a registered Republican and would like to join the petition effort to draft Donald Trump, Jr., contact Matt with your contact information. 

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