Schroeder: Can Trump make America great again?


A new administration will take place in America next month and the cabinet is beginning to be presented.  Some of those chosen will have to be approved by Congress, so it is not going to be set and ready to go as soon as Donald Trump is sworn in as President.  Some of those appointed may have a problem with the Senate which may have top Democrats opposing them.

The criticism is already being written and aired in the media.  Some of the criticisms are just because Trump has selected them and many of the liberal media will oppose anything and anyone that he wants to be as a member of his cabinet.

One of the biggest issues that the media criticize is that Trump has named people who are very rich.  This, to the media is wrong because they “can’t relate to the middle class and will pass laws that will benefit the super-rich.”  However, perhaps from Trump’s perspective, they are wealthy because they are intelligent and know how to run a business and have the ability to do a tough job. 

This is perhaps is a huge advantage considering how in the past eight years the cabinet has been loaded with people of dubious talent, based on the lack of successful results.  Just to mention a few we can start off with the decision to withdraw the military troops from Iraq.  This was done too quickly and allowed ISIS to get a strong foothold in that country and giving them the momentum to be a horrific disaster.

This is the issue that is dominating the news coming from the Middle East and the destruction is spreading far beyond Iraq.  Israel is in grave danger from these radicals who wish to destroy them.   ISIS has vowed to turn the world into a Caliphate and as any insane radical group will do, will continue their destruction unless and until it is completely destroyed.

Another decision of the Obama administration was to make the deal with Iran.  America was instrumental in lifting the sanctions and even gave that country more than $140 billion in exchange for a promise.  Iran now has producing oil fields and capable of generating large profits.  Many in the free world believe that Iran is a huge contributor to ISIS and other terrorist organizations. 

Some have likened this agreement with the treaty Neville Chamberlain made with Adolph Hitler. He believed that treaty would bring peace to Europe.  His misplaced faith in that promise led to World War II and destroyed much of Europe before it was brought under control.  In order for trust to work it has to be made with trustworthy people.  From the actions already taken, it would appear that Iran is not enthusiastic about keeping the deal. 

Obamacare is another program that has not proven to be working well.  It was passed by Democrats without one Republican vote and started with an enrollment disaster and didn’t get better.  The software program which was supposed to make enrollment quick and easy was overpriced and underperforming.   What was supposed to be quick and easy, wasn’t!  It had more bugs than an anthill.

Obama got the people to support for it by lying to the public.  He told the people they could keep their insurance policy if they liked it.  They could keep their doctor if they liked him.  He said that it would reduce annual premiums by $2,500 a year.  If he was like Pinocchio and his nose grew with the lies, he would look like an elephant . However being that ls a Republican symbol, it was not brought up by the cartoonists.

The thing it did was to give insurance to about 30 million people who didn’t have it before,. An insurance policy is a contract and some contracts don’t give what the signer hoped for. It was not a great deal for taxpayers, either.  It expanded Medicaid and that is taxpayer funded.  It subsidized those who were in low income jobs.  It did give them insurance that they never had before, but the data was not clear how much it really cost the taxpayers to give free insurance to that many people. 

For those who paid for their policies, many found that the copays were increased and so were the deductibles.  For them they got worse coverage than they had before.  And, of course, the premiums increased. Some insurance companies dropped out of the business and the new administration will have a tough time dealing with fixing the problem.  Hopefully, new management will be much more competent than the current one. 

When the new administration gets organized, the departments will be headed by people who have had a record of success in their endeavors.  At least they will know how to select competent people for definable tasks and not have to deal with the bureaucrat  excuse of :”We’ve never done it that way before.”  The Trump people have become successful by innovation and willingness to try new methods of dealing with problems. 

It isn’t easy making change and when Trump says he is going to drain the swamp he will find a lot of alligators and pollution as he is trying to clean it up.  Corruption has a big part in that swamp and that will have a huge impact on successful efforts to get rid of the impurities and make it stop stinking.

It is going to be an interesting time to watch and hopefully, will be successful.  We will see if the mistakes of the past will be looked upon as learning experiences by the present people so the actions will be greatly improved rather than repeated.  We sincerely hope that “Make America Great Again” is not a slogan, but rather the goal of the administration.  Donald Trump deserves the chance to make it so.  We hope the Democrats and liberal media will give him the chance to do it. 


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