Chaos at WBEN, as Baurle and Bellevia are rumored to be feuding

Sources say that Western New York’s most listened to talk radio station — WBEN Newsradio 930 AM — is ‘imploding with chaos’ behind the scenes, and it could lead to drastic programming changes.

The station’s flagship program, Baurle and Bellavia, hosted by longtime radio personality Tom Baurle and Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia, is on the brink of collapse, the sources say.

The source goes on to say that Bellavia asked the White House to reject Baurle’s security clearance to attend the East Room ceremony where President Donald Trump bestowed the high honor.  Weeks later, Baurle discovered the betrayal and has refused to go on air with Bellavia ever since.

It’s thought that Baurle is open to the idea of moving back to the morning time slot, from 9 am to noon.  Station managers have been (unhurriedly) planning for Sandy Beach‘s eventual retirement, and transitioning Barule to mornings could address the presumably irreconcilable relationship between the station’s headline personalities.

Another source says that the station has been considering hiring Kathy Weppner and Linda Pellegrino to co-host a morning program.  Pellegrino is a veteran reporter at WKBW and Weppner is the former Republican Party nominee for Congress in New York’s 26th district.






  1. No, no no to Weppner and Pellegrino. Let Sandy “retire”, put Tom anywhere, and Bellavia back on at 3.

    I also am tired of the program ending at 5 and replaying the first hour until 6. We are not all school teachers out at 3:30 and I would rather have fresh content.

  2. I agree, I do not like hearing a repeat of the 3-4PM show rerun in the 6-7PM slot. As long as everyone is moving around shows, especially if we can’t listen to Hannity starting 3PM, why can’t Sean start @6PM instead of at 7. Just a thought

  3. Tom is the best. He should moderate the 9 and 3 programs. He let’s listeners call in much more than others on air or those filling in. If when doe not want many callers make an announcement.

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