Miriam Adelson wants to joint venture with Trump on a Vegas theme park

It’s been widely rumored in Republican circles that Miriam Adelson, the widow of the late billionaire casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, wants to launch a joint venture with former President Donald Trump on a massive 15,000-acre roller-coaster-themed amusement park on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  In recent weeks, her plan has been coming quickly to fruition.

Sources say that the park will be themed around American Greatness and is tentatively being dubbed ‘Donald Trump’s Great American Adventure,’ and will include “a major country music component.”

It’s presumed that Adelson will finance the bulk of the $3.65 billion project while the Adelson Family and Trump Family would each own a 50% stake in the entertainment venue, which is expected to include performance theaters, a stadium, fairgrounds, mountain hiking, a zoo, more than three dozen rollar coasters, 300 rides, a 2,000-room ranch-style resort, and a 300,000 square foot convention center.

Those familiar with their thinking say that Adelson and Trump are both interested in wooing NASCAR to join the ownership group, with hopes of locating a substantial racing venue at the theme park.

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