Flanagan worries about ‘so-called’ criminal justice reforms


In two days, the Democrats give a get out of jail free card to 90 percent of criminals across this state and already we are seeing the devastating real-life impact this holiday season as some of their so-called reform are being slowly introduced into our communities.

We should not only loudly condemn these incidents, but since actions must have consequences it is essential we demand that these so-called reforms be changed.

The most recent attack in Rockland, where a machete-wielding madman slashed worshipers on Hanukkah is chilling. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this horrific attack, and with all the congregants who should never have experienced this hatred and violence.

This attack came on the heels of the release of suspects responsible for a string of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn.

Let’s not forget that on Christmas Eve, three children were also left without a mother after an illegal immigrant mowed a woman down and left her for dead. He was also set free.

These holiday horrors have only hurt the victims of these crimes and New Yorkers. The criminals coddled by Democrats, walk away to commit these crimes again or to inspire others who see there’s no punishment.

The Senate Republican Conference has demanded we press pause and have even put forward reforms to protect the public. We hope that Democrats will act on our legislative remedies. Until then we will continue to raise our voices with the victims, law enforcement and New Yorkers.

Senator John Flanagan leads the Republicans in the State Senate. 

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