Flanagan: Working Families Party says ‘taxpayer’ is ‘racially coded’


The radical left Working Families Party wants Democrats who get its endorsement to stop defending New York taxpayers and talking about taxes, though the far left will be quick to advocate for higher taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the nation. They even call the word taxpayer “racially coded,” forgetting that people of every race and color pay taxes in this state.

It’s no surprise then that this party-endorsed one of the leaders of the Senate Democrat Majority, who couldn’t care less about the suffering taxpayers in this state, and who has openly advocated for raising taxes this year to deal with the Democrat-created $6.1 Billion deficit.

The Working Families Party, which appears to drive the radical Socialist agenda in Albany these days, might consider changing its name since it has become clear they do not represent working families who pay taxes, like the middle-class families on Long Island, in the Hudson Valley, and Upstate who find this rhetoric abhorrent. The policies they have advocated for, including the so-called “Criminal Justice Reform” to name one, are not only a public safety risk for communities, but will also increase property taxes across the state.

The Senate Republican Conference will never stop advocating for taxpayers in New York, and for reducing their tax burden. We need to stop the New York exodus to low-tax states like Florida and North Carolina, but with the Working Families Party and the radical Senate Democrat Majority in control, things will only get worse.

John Flanagan is the Leader of the Republicans in the State Senate.

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