LePetri blasts Dems for campaign finance overhaul during budget crisis

The nine-member non-elected Public Campaign Financing Commission tasked with overhauling New York’s campaign finance laws released its report this weekend outlining specifics of the $100 million annual taxpayer-funded matching program that will be made available to candidates for public office.

The Commission, created in April as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget bill, hands over responsibility for changing New York’s election laws to a group of individuals appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders.  Leading the group is New York State Democratic Party Chairman, Jay Jacobs, who was appointed by Cuomo.

“Once again Albany democrats have shown their inability to lead by delegating their legislative responsibilities to a group of unaccountable political appointees,” said Assemblyman Mike LiPetri.  “They claim to represent the voice of the people and proudly call themselves reformers yet create commissions and taskforces to do their dirty work and keep their hands clean.  Quite frankly, that’s just cowardly if you ask me.”

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo faces a record $6.1 billion budget hole in 2020 with little hope that he has any realistic plans for addressing this crisis.

“It’s disgusting that democrats want to use our hard-earned money to fund their campaigns and advance their misguided policies.  Not only are they using tax-payer money for programs such as free college for those here illegally, but now they get to use that same money to run political ads promoting their “accomplishments.”  Talk about hypocritical,” LiPetri concluded.

Assemblyman LiPetri represents parts of South Farmingdale, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Babylon, West Islip, Brightwaters, West Bay Shore, West Babylon, and the Great South Bay.

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