RCMP plans to charge Trudeau with obstruction in SNC Lavalin affair, following federal elections

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police intends to charge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his principal secretary Gerald Butts, and former Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick with obstruction of justice related to their involvement in the SNC Lavalin affair, and subsequent efforts to conceal it from the public, a source inside the agency tells The Chronicle.  

They intend to lay those charges “precisely two weeks” after the federal election on October 21. Any later would appear as though the victor of the election was influencing the action, and any sooner would suggest that the agency had an obligation to disclose how progressed its investigation had become prior to the election, the source posits.

It’s unclear if former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iaccobucci, a central figure in the scheme, will be among those arrested.

When the RCMP suspended its ongoing investigation early last month, they announced that it would resume following the federal election — but offered no other details that might have given voters a more informed political discourse, or an indication of how far the investigation has progressed.

Frank Iacobucci
Frank Iaccobucci was working for SNC Lavalin at the same time he was tasked by Trudeau to lead the government’s Trans Mountain Pipeline consultations with indigenous people in British Columbia. SNC Lavalin badly wanted that $7 billion infrastructure contract.

That decision was made months ago, in order to avoid actively surveilling the Prime Minister and his senior staff during the official election period.  Some senior administrators are concerned about allegations of ‘spying’ on a campaign — a situation still playing out in the United States in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

As such, those who have been cooperating with the investigation were instructed to stop recording conversations outside of the PMO between September 11 and October 21, in an effort to avoid capturing anything campaign-related.

The Chronicle is told that the RCMP has discovered that PMO staffers regularly use public resources — including phones, computers, and public time — to engage in campaign-related activities and to perform political tasks.

“Others involved in the conspiracy may be among those charged, like PMO staffers Mathieu Bouchard and Ben Chin, or Ministers Bill Morneau and Scott Brison,” he explains.  “It depends entirely on how cooperative they’re going to be with their witness statements over the next two weeks.”

Investigators have been probing the dealings of Gerald Butts for months.


  1. William O’Donnell This looks like fake news, I do not feel the RCMP is doing their job. Just remember Trudeau gives the orders right or wrong.

  2. If the Liberals win, Trudeau will quit and be replaced with another toady who will instantly let SNC walk away from the criminal charges. SNC will then be awarded the Trudeau pipeline which will then explode in costs, mainly from bribes to native bands, unions, Horgan’s NDP and the Tides financed enviro-fascists. Horgan will end up accepting all kinds of “fees” for permits and approvals, much which will end up in a personal numbered account in a local Communist Chinese Bank.

    The horrendous cost over-runs will of course be covered by the Trudeau clone “in the interests of the Canadian economy” . Since Alberta and Sask oil will be crossing Provincial boundaries, Trudeau would likely nationalize it and sell it to his Communist Chinese friends at a horrible discount.

    Elizabeth May will retire very wealthy in a UN position. Trudeau will end up as a highly paid “consultant” for SNC.

    I don’t think my ideas are too far off what might be.

  3. BIG Blue Wave coming on October 21. Trudope already bought a Case of Soap On A Rope for when he is in Crowbar Hotel !

  4. Racist?? What the hell has ANYONE said in this article OR comments that suggest even a hint of racism? Aaawe – just another left-wingnut who pulls out the “racist” card when they can’t think of a SINGLE THING to dispute other peoples’ beliefs or ideals that differ from their own. Talk about a close-minded, non-thinking mouth piece!

  5. One can only hope. Sadly, it is impossible to read Canadian news, from Canadian outlets anymore. Information is controlled like in a communist dictatorship, and the press is bought and paid for. The electorate follows along like children being fed candy. We are brainwashed, and anything counter to the established (Liberal) narrative is painted as fake news.

    While I wonder if the RCMP is actually just another complicit bought and paid for organization. let us hope that the rule of law wins out here and Trudeau and crew are charged as stated in the article.

  6. if true, this is very very good news. I have a hard copy of the Dion Report Trudeau 2. The evidence AND the conclusion of criminality is all there, in black and white. I’ll lay even money Justin Castro Trudeau does see the inside of a gaol cell before his new term is up

  7. PRESS Core
    Sep 28
    Justin Trudeau’s Canada Infrastructure Bank is linked to RCMP SNC-Lavalin PMO investigation. Political pressure played a role in SNC-Lavalin obtaining $1.3 billion from Trudeau/CIB. SNC-Lavalin received the funds after reporting a $1.3 billion loss #elxn43 https://cbc.ca/news/politics/

  8. I might be very suspicious of this RCMP investigation, since they have kissed up to Trudeau & they did NOT do their job, for example allowing ILLEGALS to cross over the border between Canada & USA & they even help ILLEGALS carry their luggage.
    So, this is an About Face for the RCMP…so what gives.?
    Yes, be very, very suspicious of this RCMP investigation.! What trick is up their sleeve & it will be found out to be that this investigation is BS or something on that level.
    Is the RCMP actually investigating Trudeau as they should be or will they pull the ‘back-stabbing-knife’ out later on Canadians.??? Hmm, we shall see.

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