RCMP source says ‘security risk’ against Trudeau was contrived by PMO staffers

A retired officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who remains in frequent communication with senior figures inside the federal agency, is telling The Chronicle that the widely publicized ‘security threat’ against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday night in Mississauga was “largely contrived by political staffers” inside the PMO.

Hoping to elicit sympathy in the national political discourse, senior PMO staffers actively instructed the RCMP on which equipment and weaponry to have present, which uniforms protective officers would wear, and which security precautions would be taken at the private invitation-only Liberal Party event.

Those conversations were initiated, the source claims, by political operatives Mathieu Bouchard and Ben Chin — both of whom report directly to Gerald Butts, the Prime Minister’s principal secretary, and Katie Telford, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.

Many in Ottawa call Ben Chin “Trudeau’s Brain,” in reference to his outsized influence over strategy and direction inside of the Prime Minister’s Office. His influence with Trudeau now rivals that of Gerald Butts.

The extra security precautions are rumored to have cost Canadian taxpayers an extra $135,000 that the RCMP had not already been planning to spend that evening — mostly for labor and overtime costs associated with the movement of heavy weaponry.

“If there were an actual threat, the building would have been evacuated, and bomb-sniffing dogs would have searched the entire building and grounds immediately. They wouldn’t have left hundreds of women and children packed in a ballroom for hours,” he explains.  “But the political staffers wanted to see him in a vest for the cameras.”

“They were barely checking IDs at the door,” he said.  “They were treating the officers on the scene like props, and it very much offended the top officials at the agency.”

Shortly after the event, PMO staffers began pushing word of an unspecified security risk to foreign news outlets — including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Liberal leader and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends a rally during an election campaign visit to Mississauga
Trudeau takes the stage at a hotel ballroom in Mississauga in a bulletproof vest nearly two hours late.



  1. He sure doesn’t look like a guy fearing for his life such that he would need to don a Kevlar vest. Sorry, not buying it. Australian PM did the same thing and pushed his anti gun agenda. Let’s stop the nonsense and get tough on crime and gangs.

      • Scheer is a panderer. He needs to get tough on the UN first and foremost. Why kind of crime are you talking about? Do you know what a Sanctuary City Is? Why did they exist under Harper if they’re so tough on criminals as you say? Illegal immigration is a crime and the Conservatives did nothing to end Sanctuary Cities when they had the power in their grasp to do so. Maxime Bernier is the only one who will truly be tough with crime. Border crime is the biggest issue concernng crime that we have. The other kinds of crime aren’t costing taxpayers billions and billions of dollars a year.

    • I retired from RCMP HQ years ago (I was not a police officer but I knew police programs and operations in conducting my work). This story does not merit being taken seriously because if there was a security threat it would solely be RCMP Protective Services responsible 24/7 for protecting the PM and his family to determine the preventative measures to be taken given the particulars of the threat. While it is possible that the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) staff could have spawned such a false threat, based on my reading of this story with scant detail, I have to say it is false. And press in Canada would pounce on this if they thought it had merit and was possibly true. A Buffalo reporter alone is less likely to have any real insider information on foreign affairs than many papers and media sources in Canada. Now, on another topic, if you really want to know the state of Canadian economy and affairs, you have to forget the Canadian press and read such papers as The Economist, The Guardian, and magazines like Walrus (Canadian).

      • Thank you for the paper recommendations Brian. What about TV? Are there any trustworthy stations? Not just for economy but for unbiased news too.

    • Really? Using the RCMP like props? What an insult & misuse! Further abuse of highly trained human resources is insulting & demoralizing. More financial resources also being squandered. The Liberals should be held accountable and pay for the cost of this deplorable P.R. stunt out of their pockets and not ours. What was happening elsewhere while the highly trained police asserts were being needlessly tied up? What is the TOTAL cost to CANADIANS for Trudeau’s stunt? Why does Trudeau have to embarrass Canada again? Zoolander…., Little Potato, turned ON by costumes, it all fits. He isn’t fit to carry newspapers !!!

  2. I wish to express my profound thanks to the Buffalo Chronicle for publishing the real news out Bought and Paid for MSM refuse to.

    truly sad that Canadians must look outside Canada for unfiltered news.

    again thanks

  3. Thanks to the BC for printing the facts that the Canadian MSM refuses to acknowledge. In Canada, it’s common knowledge that the ‘security threat’ was a staged show. The Chronicle isn’t saying anything that Canadians didn’t already know. It’s just encouraging that there is still someone willing to print the obvious truth…

  4. at the private invitation-only Liberal Party event.

    So Trudeau requires armed security to protect him from upset members of the LPC??

  5. Bottom line ……… Turd Two is (at best) a part time drama teacher. The “threat” was “credible” enough to send (nowhere to be seen) Sophie & children home & (90 minute late) Justin surrounded by “heavily armed” police (actors?), while audience in tightly packed room was left without a shred of protection. Turd Two’s over the top narcissism front & centre. Now imagine a bomb………..

    All adds up to a staged production straight out of amateur drama school. #MakeTrudeauADramaTeacherAgain

    • I have voted early, and it sure the heck wasn’t for Trudy! In my opinion if you are brain dead you would vote for lying liberals, and if your brain is still functioning you vote Conservative. In Canada you really don’t have much of a choice. We have a drunk the head of one party and the head of the other party is someone that wears a bees nest on his head. Conservative is our best bet. Please wish us luck.

  6. Typical liberal slimeball move. “we’ll do ANYTHING to cover for our lord and master and to keep our paychecks coming! These creatures sicken me!

  7. Don’t just love Canada >>> ACT to protect it!

    Voting either in a principled or strategic manner!

    Liberty cannot be appreciated until it’s lost.

    A Liberals victory would give insanely dishonest Trudeau the approbation to continue destroying Canada, therefore, his voters’ collaboration to submit all of us to corrupt world leaders.

    Whether you like it or not, voting for Andrew Scheer is the only way to get rid of Trudeau who’s unfit to govern and can only attempt to do so by deceit.

    ACT now!

    Thank you

  8. Not sure if it’s true but I heard someone wrote emailed him and called him a traitor. That of course in Canada is a solid threat of physical harm and appropriate steps had to be taken.

    *CBC plese emal me as I am a Gud writter’nd thinks I wuld fit rigt in yer staff.

    Second note, if he’s called a traitor and this is his reaction why no liable suit to no one on his NDA?

  9. Why do you continue to post replies from idiots who can’t spell or who can’t write a sentence that makes any sense? I swear, some of their IQ’s don’t equal their shoe size.
    Trudeau is a complete, no-good, lying s.o.b. but they all lie to get elected then have to lie some more to back-up the lies they told in their campaign. Voters have to choose the best of a bad lot and this is a very bad lot.

  10. As a very old lady still with all her marbles, I am heartsick our nation would end up with with this leadership. However, I personally believe Andrew who did not get into office because God, yes I mean God, choose to expose this
    PM to all those who refused to see the facts of who and what he and his father have done with and to our country. They know no shame!
    I refuse to die until I see Canada rise up and take the leadership that is her destiny! I love my country and honor it and now it is shameful and disgraceful to see what leadership models to our younger generation!…in all my 86 Years this is the lowest of days.
    ….is there a person of integrity out there to step up to the plate? Our country is in desperate need. We are on the edge. Stop the criticism of other nations and deal without own. God only knows what could happened to us soon if the PM had not finally been exposed…so don’t anyone mock Prayer..when you do not understand it is powerful..we need to ask for help. Our ship is sinking and we are still drinking Our morning
    Prayer is all we have to depend on this very day……yes we have been so right in our own eyes and look where we are.
    There is always hope so let’s begin now.

    Thank you for reading….because I am very sad over the suffering and interruption in good people’s lives. Let’s come together as a country of people with a heart but common sense!
    Apathy is our greatest problem but who cares?

    Grannie d…..with love.

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