Trudeau accusor lands a seven-figure NDA to keep quiet about West Grey departure

Sources are telling The Buffalo Chronicle that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s accuser has been in talks with a private attorney for more than a week, discussing a heated sexual relationship that began and ended more than 18 years ago, when the young woman was a student at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey AcademyThe Chronicle is told that the two engaged in a months-long affair beginning in the summer of 2000, both on and off-campus.

That non-disclosure and an accompanying non-disparagement agreement were signed last night, according to the source, for more than $2.25 million CDN.

A friend of the accusor’s family reached out to The Chronicle days ago, prior to the signing of the non-disclosure agreement, when its terms were not in effect and still being negotiated.  Those talks took nearly two weeks and took place almost entirely in Vancouver.

By Saturday evening, Trudeau’s negotiator became impatient, giving the young woman a deadline of 10pm on Wednesday evening to either agree to or reject the terms of the NDA.  The Chronicle became familiar with the situation shortly after Trudeau’s negotiator made that threat.

The young woman and her attorneys were insisting that the terms be mutually binding on Trudeau (in which case Trudeau would be liable for damages if he were to publicly discuss the circumstances of their relationship himself).  Trudeau’s attorneys repeatedly refused that request, which was cause for the delay.

It is unknown whether the terms of the final agreement are mutually binding.

Trudeau taught at the West Point Grey Academy between 1999 and 2001 but departed the school abruptly mid-term, and without substantial explanation.  At the time he was 29 years old and retained his father’s law firm, Heenan Blaikie, in the matter.  The firm released a bizarre statement at the time, in which Trudeau asked the public “not to make things up” about the departure, and insisted that he did not leave to pursue public speaking engagements.

In recent days, Trudeau has denied that he left the school for nefarious reasons, and denied that he signed an NDA at the time of his departure.  The family of his accuser does not share that recollection and was told by officials of the school at the time that Trudeau would be bound by a confidentiality agreement that he signed prior to taking his teaching position.

Trudeau has claimed that he was simply moving on with his career.  But shortly after he left that position as a full-time substitute teacher, he took a similar but lower-paying position at a nearby public high school.  Within a year’s time, he would move back to Montreal where he would pursue shortlived studies in engineering.

Trudeau’s accusor is the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman.  He asked that she not be identified in our reporting.


  1. Meanwhile our Canadian media is too compromised to go anywhere near this story. If Trudeau doesn’t sue the Buffalo Chronicle, then that would be an admission of his guilt.

    • Canadian media has been bought and paid for with a $1.2 BILLION fund by Trudeau and the Liberals.

      The Liberal Paid Media are useless in this election, and Canada will suffer for it.

      • This has Conrad Black written all over . He has been waiting a long time to pay a lot of people back. If its you sir , great job.

      • What are you on about?
        You do realize most media in Canada is conservative?
        How uninformed can you be?
        Canada will suffer? From what? Stop the drama FFS

          • Toronto star is as liberal as it comes, but the Toronto sun is a conservative media outlet because they receive 0 funding from the feds or liberals.

        • That’s hilarious! I want some of what you’re on!

          Show me ANY mainstream media in Canada that is not alternative news.

          I’ll wait!

        • You are gravely mistaken ma’m . By far, most of the Canadian media is liberal. Ever heard of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen to name just a few glaringly liberal media. CBC, CTV, Global and so on. Give your head a shake.

          • The last big story the Chronical busted quickly had a Canadian journalist and ‘another’ run rampant through the comment section. They raged at how it was FAKE news, theyd be sued, they were a rag magazine… and on it went. I believe it may have been about former Supreme Court justice/ Privy Council Frank Iacobucci’s role in being behind SNC’s DPA, I could be wrong but it was a big story not covered by Canadian media.
            Anyway these two went crazy on slamming the paper, only for it to come out months later that the report was ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

            The comment section is always the best reading but now on big stories i make sure i come to see who’s squalking the loudest about it being fake news, seems Trudeaus Liberal plants are always set to pounce.

            Another checkmark for me that the story is likely true.

              • Yeah, not only is the story true, but the money was to silence an under age girl he had sex with. Too bad the family was greedy, would love to see him fry for pedophilia as a teacher. In the end we have a pedophile PM. No surprise, most of our leaders are Pedos. So in other words fuck you cmseesww.

            • Any need to mute this or cover it up shows guilt. If it wasn’t true you’d deal with it like a grown adult deals with their daily job.

        • What are you on trish?? The media in Canada certainly do not support the Conservatives. Who I wonder are the uninformed? Wouldn’t be you, would it???

        • Trish, you are either insane or a total liar. There is only one major conservative media outlet in Canada, and it’s the Toronto Sun. And even they have drifted to the left since the good old days of Peter Worthington. I dare you to name me one other conservative outlet among the major Canadian media.

          • We have no media in Canada, only propaganda. Epoch Times is a good newspaper, not Canadian but it covers the crimes in Canada well. So many to cover.

        • Conservative? Most Canadian media? Uh huh. Perhaps fifty years ago. I’m from that time, and even the other side tried to present fair; unbiased coverage of the news. Journalistic professionalism is (by and large) dead in this country. Poutine anyone?? How about a juicy slice of $650 million? (Or has it been doubled?) I’m sorry Trish; but if you think most media coverage is “conservative”–then you’ve been indoctrinated by a re-defined term. Redefining words is a weapon in the current liberal arsenal. Incidentally; how “conservative” was it to have David Menzies frog marched out of a Scheer event? Pushed, and then handcuffed. How about being shoved to the ground (from behind) by the Montreal police? (A Trudeau event.) Why? Menzies is a conservative; an honorable man trying to give fair coverage of the news.

        • I gather Trish that you do not watch CBC/CTV or their regional affiliates. Do you read TorStar or any of their Publishing Interest in the Country?… How about virtually every French language TV Station and Radio Feed in Quebec?… because if you did… the error of your statement would be obvious to you!…

        • Lmfao all media in Canada is Conservative LMFAO they all stated they were going to be Scheers worst nightmare !!! Look it up LOL all Media is liars + look at the pages of some of the CBC their actually posting Liberal on their webpage to show their Support ,Where have you been ?????

        • You obviously have had your head hitting the bedroom headboard too much to say that the Canadian media is Conservative. Go get some help!!!

        • Are you serious? Media in Canada is Liberal. Controlled by a few very wealthy. Soros has his hand in Canadian media as well.

        • Conservative media ? The same media that’s suing Andrew sheer the leader of the Conservative party for a 17 second clip ?

        • Trish forgive my language and the fact that I am calling you a fking idiot who wouldn’t recognize good common sense if some good common sense ran them over with a transport truck. You are the future inhabitants of Hell. Stupid, lazy, ignorant, desperately wicked, and completely given over to darkness, evil and misery.

        • on my french canadian side …same liberal disgusting crap over and over on MSM … no way to reply or comment on anything …someone is paid full time erasing or reediting my comments on social media that i dont care reading them anymore …i presume that is all fake news if it is from canada except REBEL MEDIA

      • Yea and the Duffy affair was not a promblem heh nor the stealing from the UI friend to balance budget. You cons always forget what your own have done to screw Canada.

        • You absolute MORON. What was your grade in math? Duffy diverted $100.000 which was repaid. None of this was life changing for the country not even $16 Bev Oda orange juice but look at the debt you bastards incurred to worm your Blackface PMway into power. Every cent of it will be repaid and it will be paid in Hell. 1.2 billion to buy the media… $7.1 billion to pay for International abortions OVERSEAS. Hateful deceitful Leftist Liberals all belong in Hell and they WILL be cast in without mercy you may mark my word on this Holy Retribution.

      • You’re delusional: this rumour originated with Frank magazine, hardly a reliable source, and the headmaster from that time has dismissed the rumour as unsubstantiated. This is more American style character assassination. Talk about policies, political platforms and performance and I will listen. Until then, stop gossiping.

        • Quit clicking on the headlines that say Trump on them as they have very little to do with Canadian political scandal. I know it’s hard as our media will not do any research on anything and will parrot CNN on everything. Oh and Trevor Noah to, how much money did Trudeau promise to that idiot? About 1000 percent more than our veterans get now.
          Get a brain and do some critical thinking, Canadian media is bought and paid for by us for Justin Trudeau if you can’t see that then maybe I’m wrong being pro life and post birth abortion up to the age of 30 should be acceptable in Canada.

    • Certainly the Opposition would want get this out before the election. I was hoping for something like this. Remember too that this is what we know now. Wait !
      Wasn’t his roommate in B.C. charged with pedophilia? Must run in the family because Daddy was accused by Cathy O’brien of being raped while visiting the Governor’s summer place on Mackinaw Island in Lake Huron. I believe this was before Ms O’Brien was abused by both Clintons. Remember our own Government allowed all those LSD experiments back in the late 50’s at McGill university. Then there’s the cozy relationship with Bronfman Family considered by some to be “perhaps the single largest force in the Jewish charitable world.”.Now weren’t some Bronfrom recently in court about some sex cult in northern New York state where girls were being “branded” with a red hot iron in their pubic area ? There is just so much to tell and Connect The Dots. I’ll just provide some links so y’all can read it for yourselves.
      I want Our Country Back !!
      Expose All The Filth And Corruption !!
      Leave the coming Generations a Country True North and Free.

    • The right wing media, such as the Sun empire, were happy to take their share. They don’t let up on him so your premise is bunk.

    • Justin got into power with Tide Foundation in ONT. donated large >>>owned by G SORO’s..There is no way shape or form that Justin is good for Canada’s future.

    • Sure get them both in a court where Jihadi has to answer questions or be jailed for contempt. Actually that is what we all want. Hillarious.

    • All he seems to know is how to wreck lives without regard. Don’t vote this liar in again. Vote no mandates and stop Canada from being the next Australian prison state of the UK.

    • How the eff has he destroyed Canada?
      effin hell, you have lost the plot!!
      Please tell me you’re not qualified to vote

      • He has absolutely destroyed our energy industry and cost us tens of billions in lost revenue and hundreds of thousands of job..
        All while increasing Saudi imports by 66% per year and adding a USELESS carbon tax to screw us further, removed useful tax breaks like transit subsidy, school subsidies, income splitting that actually help average Canadians….has been allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross through Quebec while not doing anything. Meanwhile LEGAL applicants are getting screwed for years….F*cked our justice system with snc and Mark norman, bribed off the news media, embarrassed our country with black face, Aga khan, India, Jody Wilson raybould, MULTIPLE ethics violations, multiple fraudulent incidents with his own cabinet minsters including massive tax evasion and insider trading and you f*cking name it. The guy is a piece of sh*t and a disgrace to Canada. If he were literally run over tomorrow I would throw a party.
        Maybe YOU should wake the fck up and pull your head out of his brown a$$!

        • Perhaps you should take your meds. then when you wake the fck up you can perhaps check the polls. the idiot is ahead in the poles. this media bullshit wont make any difference. but you keep dreaming . None of the party’s have anything new to ad that isn’t going to screw Canadians one way or another. We are all going down with the ship. get used to it .

        • Now, now, don’t beat around the bushes, tell us how you really feel about JT!
          Besides, Trish, being the fool and idiot she is, does not understand! You are wasting your breath and time replying to her, as she probably lives under a rock or was indoctrinated into Trudeau-ism at a very young age! Likely one of JT’s earlier pedophilia victims!

      • Trish, I hate to say it, but are you out of your effing mind? How did he destroy Canada? You must be one of those frigging Milennials that voted for him based on his hair. He has destroyed Canada’s reputation, for one thing. The deficit he has created will ensure taxpayers are broke for decades to come. He has destroyed our faith in the justice system and RCMP, He invited inverted economic migrants to waltz across our borders, using RCMP as bellhops, and putting them all up in hotels- all on the taxpayers dime. He is attempting to take away our freedom of speech. Our main stream media have been bought and paid for. So many Canadians sit up nights fantasizing about having him drawn and quartered in front of the parliament building.

        • Mrs. P. Headbutt, you are absolutely correct. Trudeau has had so many scandals it’s difficult to keep track.By the way, can anyone name something the Liberals haven’t fucked up, and don’t say Marijuana legalization because that’s 13 different shitshows.

    • Your a lieberal cronie I would wager to say. Your a soyboy just like that’s scum that are running this country

        • Here’s one for ya Trish, Fuck You. GOD, I pray for an EMP to come along and wipe out the morons of this world. You’d be dead in a week

      • Oh look at you go sticking up for the pedopholia whore turd boy, you must run in the same circle you make all true patriotic Canadians disgusted there’s sick douch bag pieces of shit like yourself that go after little boys and girls then buy there way out or flat out lie.

    • Anonymous, you must be liberal troll. Can’t handle the truth. Go back reading the Toronto Star or watch your left wing biased CBC Troll.

    • a lot? Jesus I’ve never seen so many idiots responding to a BS story in my life.
      The only conclusion can come up with is these people are still living in their parents basement and haven’t seen the sun in years!

      • BS? just look where his hand is on the girl’s chest in the ‘blackface’ photo. when were you ever held by someone that way? And, yes, he has been down on the sex and gore islands. let him defend himself, he doesn’t need you to defend him. spend your time researching the truth, not defending liars.

  2. So glad we don’t have a pencil dick rapist like this leading the USA. Only alpha males allowed. MAGA 2020 BABY!

      • Canaderp is TOO SQUISHY to allow a TRUMP to lead this country, no matter how badly that is needed! Instead, we get Mr Dressup Soy Boy.

        • Canada is too smart and modern to elect a sexual predator and conman.
          You MAGA people are effing nuts…dumb as a fencepost.

          • Well then why the hell is there one playing dress up as our PM now you think that young girl wasn’t groomed by him .your the dumb bitch trish

          • Trish
            How can you call MAGA i individuals wbo want freedoms nuts when you’re not evaluating us nor are you a doctor?

            if you are a traitor or a Invader who loves communism then you should move to communist China or North Korea as they love Teudeau shuveling the comunist Chinese users and backstabers Canadian taxes via Economical terrorism. Double standard deceitful bootleg scammer Asian users.
            We dont need nor want toxic imports Red Danger tricky Chinese Anything


    • You are so right I hate this traitorist Bastard I

      • destroy our country?
        How many concussions have you had recently?
        Man, what a load of BS in your post.
        Did you think that all up yourself or did you yell up to your mom from the basement?

    • That’s quite a statement moron. The word is quiet. Fuck morons like you should not post in all caps. GET IT?

    • Just as Americans voted in Clinton for a 2nd term, they were oblivious to his predatory ways. Unfortunately, the ‘left’ in Canada sees it the same way with Trugrope.

  4. So he can go out and say what he wants about this woman and she can’t say a word without risking cancellation of the NDA or whatever other penalties it contains???

    • We could all get together and easily put up a few million for her to tell the truth.I’ll put in $100.00 cad.

  5. Justine’s mommy was a BC girl. And his daddy told him “Son, stay away from that BC pussy, it can ruin your life.”. The moral of the story is you should always listen to your daddy. bwahahaha.

      • Trish you’re a real whiney bitch aren’t you? Go back to commenting on CBC and kindly, liberally fuck off! With the shit this guy has committed I would not put child rape past him for a second. He’s a sociopath and liar and we’ll probably find out one day he’s like that Max Factor serial killer because they both have the same spoiled, egotistical upbringing and sounds like same personalities .

  6. Trudeau is a narcassitic man-child, and a virtue-signalling idiot, but I don’t think this story is true. It is just too “obvious” and neat.
    If the BLACKFACE didn’t do him in…..then this certainly wouldn’t. Half the women who voted for Trudeau just wish they were this imaginary girl. They just see the pretty hair and nice smile…and that is enough for them.

  7. i did renos at his moms house in ottawa and the toilet paper holder was a wooden shape dildo lol ,, horny familly i guess

  8. And how is this any different, you may ask, from Trump allegedly paying ‘Stormy Daniels’ to prevent her from spouting off about their supposed affair, for which virtue-signaling leftists wanted him removed from office?

    Well, at least Trump never feigned being a FAKE ‘feminist’, or gushed over the ‘Me Too’ movement, all the while pretending that he was some virtuous, angelic being without a skeleton in his own closet. Typical that a leftist hypocrite like Trudeau would have far more skeletons than Trump! Canada is crazy if they re-elect this black face, groping perverted hypocrite for a 2nd term.

    • Trump had sex with an adult porn star as a business man….Trudeau has sex with a 17 year old student as a teacher? You don’t see the difference????

    • WTF?
      Trump is a thrice married cheating Bbst@rd who grabs women by the pussy.
      Trump doesn’t gush over the #metoo movement because he’s a sexists pig.
      Trump is the lowest form of man. I trust you’re not too much up the ladder yourself.

  9. What a sleaze he is, He expected that she couldn’t divulge any info regarding him but he would be able to fix it so that only his side of the story could be told. He did the same creepy stuff with Jody Wilson Raybould. The man i pure slime. .

    • There more to this story by a long ways . I’d bet a lot of money Trudeau was involved with Epstein and other criminal stuf

  10. Why is there no name to this article. Is it because you know this article is a bunch of bunk and nobody wants real wants to put their name to it? I think so. Fake News.

  11. In Canada we have penalties for news outlets spreading false news. Firstly, I would expect that the Buffalo Chronical would have pulled the article and offer up an immediate apology. And they would have been slapped with a hefty fine. But I haven’t seen any news about regulators cracking down on the Buffalo Chronical’s or this article. So this leads me to think that the source for the Buffalo Chronical’s article on Justin Trudeau is legit and has quickly been paid off and silenced with a non disclosure agreement.

    • I agree with this statement whereas it’s common place for elected government officials to sue each other for slander in Canada. So why not this?

  12. Tru-douche did it to get laid – showing how fearless and fun he was to be around. Any female student/ girl /woman or cute female reporter who didn’t get with his groping program got tossed or a nice black hand print above their cans to make it look like a black man did it to a white girl so that Tru-douchebag could stir up old racist clan hatred for his own amusement and she’d get a free grope or two from Trust-fund Turd-eau who was taught early how to spend other people’s money for them, for their own good – the Liberal, leftist way.

    Sock-boy, Turd-o, True-douche, costume maggot, racist, government groper, “I remember it differently” dirt bag, prime-assaulter.

    Hopefully all the smart and oh so sophisticated canadian women will be again taken by this dirtbag, douchebag charming, inarticulate and dreamy drama-teaching boy blunder with boyish cute hair and yellow teeth – to the extent that they will put him over the top again to be our prime-assaulter, race baiting, racist prime-menstruator again. You girls know Justin is all about women after all…

    Good job girls, you’ve been used again by a sock boy, clown, douchebag pretty boy who uses women like toilet paper and throws them away once he’s gotten what he wants from you at costume parties or in the ballot box… and you only figure it out after it’s too late and can’t do anything about it except accuse him of groping and assaulting you – because you thought you were going to be “the one” if you let him do what he wants now, you’ll be rewarded later… ha ha ha! Women fall for the frat boy dirtbag every time. I love it!

  13. If this is true, we’ll find out eventually. This woman “victim” over the years would likely have confided in others who have not made big money with signed NDAs. Sit back and enjoy your popcorn.

  14. Think of all the girls and boys back in 2015,that were only 14-17 yrs of age,and are now 18-21,that’s a lot of votes and they’ll probably vote for the narcissistic moron Trudeau.

  15. Here’s the Canadian rebuttal. A lot of words but not much rebuttal, they asked the liberal party and they said no, they phoned the school and they didn’t comment on why he left so it’s fake news. A lot about election fraud and how the RCMP are on it but not on this. Good thing the liberal party would never commit obstruction of justice! Take that fake news reporters.

  16. Canada’s libel laws make this article completely, and totally, actionable. As someone else said, if Trudeau does not take action against this article, then he’s in effect admitting his guilt. Of course, he will state that because the publication is not a Canadian one he can’t sue it. In actuality, he can. I think he would just like to see this go away. Let’s make sure it doesn’t, it’s Trudeau we need to make go away

  17. A “Non Disclosure Agreement” to the commission of a crime????

    A person in a position of authority or trust is guilty of a crime even if the actions in question took place outside the context of the relationship that gives one of them power over the other.

    To pay a person to cover up a crime by use of an NDA constitutes OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE …. a crime Justin Trudeau is all to familiar with:

    139. (1) Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice in a judicial proceeding,

    (a) by indemnifying or agreeing to indemnify a surety, in any way and either in whole or in part, or
    (b) where he is a surety, by accepting or agreeing to accept a fee or any form of indemnity whether in whole or in part from or in respect of a person who is released or is to be released from custody,
    is guilty of

    (c) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or
    (d) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

    By offering the payment, one is guilty under 139(1)(a)

    By accepting the payment, one is guilty under 139(1)(b)

  18. So, who’s picking up the $2.25 million tab? Could it be the Canadian Taxpayer? It could go into miscellaneous expenses!

  19. Son of Castro needs 20 yrs in Stoney Mtn. Pen on the rockpile for two counts of obstruction of justice(SNC)and now an accused pedo that he has not disputed?? Jesus this guy is a piece of work. Can’t wait for the election to be over and the RCMP to announce their investigation of him.

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  21. I am making a good salary from home $1200-$2500/week , which is amazing, under a year back I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone, 
    Here is what I do….;/../ ★here★ “.

    • I guarantee the other half are part of the liberal party and the rest are intrepid Canadian reporters who are seeing how far this story goes before they HAVE to report it. This is why western separation needs to happen. Equalization must be stopped. I for one am tired of working my ass off to pay for Ontario’s provincial debt. (1 billion per month in interest alone) and to support asinine policy and behaviour. By the way Ontario, why do you fight to keep a sex Ed curriculum designed by a convicted pedophile? Cut the equalization, then they will have to cut services and maybe they might realize they live in a glass house.

      Western Canada is in an abusive relationship with central Canada, they abuse us, take the our money, and give us no say. I want a divorce.

  22. Truth shall set Canada free, the lawyers have the truth. For their family’s sake and everyone elses, they should unbind the agreement, release the truth so we can be done with imbeciles holding power.

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