Trudeau is rumored to be in talks with an accusor to suppress an explosive sex scandal

Less than two weeks ahead of federal elections that have already been looking conclusively grim for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, rumors of an explosive sex scandal are percolating at the highest echelons of Canada’s media establishment.

Ottawa’s longest-tenured political observers had been expecting a career-ending expose in Saturday’s edition of The Globe and Mail — but that story never came.  Sources are now telling The Chronicle that Trudeau is in private talks with the principal source of that piece to suppress explosive sex allegations that, if made public, would likely force Trudeau to resign his office.

Trudeau’s accuser is said to be a former student at West Point Grey Academy and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman.  Sources tell The Chronicle that she is being represented by counsel and is being offered monetary compensation in exchange for a pending, but not yet signed, non-disclosure agreement.

Justin Trudeau appearing in a West Point Grey Academy yearbook.

Trudeau worked as a substitute teacher at the private school from 1999 until an abrupt and poorly explained departure in June of 2001.  At the time of his departure he hired his father’s lawfirm, Heenan Blaikie, to represent him in the matter.  The firm issued a bizarre statement that denied that Trudeau was leaving his part-time position in order to pursue public speaking opportunities. He was 29 years old.

The Chronicle is unable to evaluate the veracity of widespread rumors that Trudeau regularly received fellatio from students while on the private school’s campus.  He worked at the academy as a substitute teacher in drama, social studies, and mathematics.

Just over a year after his departure, he began studying engineering at Polytechnique Montreal but left that program shortly thereafter.

Justin Trudeau at age 29.


    • Apparently, he was not identified as a Math teacher in his school biography, so please, let’s not give him this. He is too stupid to be a math teacher.

      • We know he can’t add. All the dummies that voted fir him don’t know shit about math either. Budgets DO NOT BALANCE THEMSELVES you fkin morons!!!

        • Um, er, er, ah,ah, er, um, ah, and furthermore, um, um, er, ah, ah, er ………………………………………

      • I see all the right-wing nutcases are out in droves before the election and making up stuff. Sorry, ain’t going to work. You must be related to Trump minions and buy into all the made-up lies. Enjoy.

        • People are just incredibly naive. If you only knew the truth about him and his pedofile communist father. Do some research on the Trudeau family it’s all there before you make an educated decision. I would not let him work at Tim Hortons its way too good for him. One scandal after another 5 breaches under the ethics rules compared to none for every other PM. Wake up people. If only Judy Wilson Reynold was Liberal leader.

          • Sadly, most Candains are too damned lazy to do their due diligence and check the facts on a scourge like the Trudeaus. Both T1 and T2 ruined Canada. But to do that they needed the willing assistance of naive Canadian voters.

          • True true the hole is very deep. He has been very well protected ( murder has followed him) because he is the perfect puppet. Dumb as a brick, obedient to a fault, ignorint of everything going on around him, he will do or say anything his master wants. But his pedofilia is a good start.

        • Here are 10 key promises Trudeau has broken since becoming PM on Nov. 4, 2015.

          1: Revenue neutral middle-class tax cut

          Trudeau said his middle class tax cut would pay for itself. It hasn’t. The tax cut is costing all Canadians $1.2 billion annually from the federal treasury, a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

          2: Small business tax cut

          Trudeau promised to lower the rate from 11% to 9%. He hasn’t.

          3: Modest deficits

          Trudeau said annual deficits over his first term in office would total $24.1 billion. Last week’s federal budget pegs them at $93.3 billion, an immodest increase of 287%.

          4: Balanced budget

          Trudeau said the budget would be balanced, with a $1 billion surplus, in 2019-20. Last week’s budget predicts the deficit in 2019-20 will be $20.4 billion, $18.7 billion deficit in 2020-21 and $15.8 billion in 2021-22. It gives no indication of when the budget will be balanced, if ever.

          5: Reduce debt-to-GDP ratio

          Trudeau promised this ratio, a key indicator of the government’s economic health, would be reduced from 30% to 27% by the end of his first term in office. Last week’s budget replaces this with a vague statement the ratio will be lower in 2020-21 than 2016-17, without specifics.

          6: Revenue neutral carbon pricing

          Trudeau said his carbon pricing plan would be revenue neutral for the federal government. This was misleading because his government is not lowering other federal taxes to offset new federal revenues gained from carbon pricing, which is the definition of revenue neutrality. Instead, Trudeau has set a mandatory national carbon price for provincial governments to implement, with no requirement that their carbon pricing schemes must be revenue neutral for them.

          7: Reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions

          Before the 2015 election, Trudeau and the Liberals said then prime minister Stephen Harper’s proposed emission cuts were inadequate. Post-election, Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna said they were the “floor” on which the Liberals would build. Today, Harper’s floor is Trudeau’s ceiling since he hasn’t changed Harper’s targets.

          8: Electoral reform

          Trudeau said the 2015 election would be the last using “first past the post” balloting and would be replaced with some form of proportional representation. He has abandoned this promise.

          9: Open and transparent government

          The opposition parties complain Trudeau is proposing to reduce weekly parliamentary sittings from five days to four (eliminating Fridays), appear only one day a week to answer their questions, limit their power to delay legislation and give the government more time to answer their written inquiries.

          10: Restore home mail delivery

          Trudeau’s government is studying the issue, but his promise appears to have been downsized to not cutting home mail delivery any further, rather than restoring previous cuts.

        • Liberal troll I see. Do you know what a Richard Cranium is ? Go ask Siri…lol then look in mirror. Have a nice day pumpkin.

        • Ahhh but he’s so cute…does that absolve him of his past and present major goof ups!!!! I don’t think so…he’s a spoiled brat who is use to getting his way!!!

        • So what makes us nutcases? Because we don’t support this treasonous incompetent failure and embarrassment? What are we making up? He was let go from the school and we aren’t getting a straight answer. Like the virtuous left are way above ever making anything up about anyone. Cute.

        • This might not be true, but honestly the man has already done LOTS of stupid, embaressing and criminal things and we KNOW those are true. That’s enough for me, thx.

      • I went back through newspaper archives recently to check. No mention of math at all. Clearly added it to his wiki page to make seem less stupid. Fail!

        • He registered for Engineereing, 1st year courses, but gave up, soon after trying …That, in Trudesquian terms, makes him the Math Genius of the year…or of the month, to be more exact.

      • He even admitted before the 2021 useless election that he doesn’t “think about monetary policy”. Because he’s never had to. All his finances have always been taken care of for him. He probably can’t count change.

    • So the best way to get accurate reporting about Canadian politics is to read it in the Buffalo Chronicle since glamor boy bought the Canadian press

      • Did you manage to somehow listen in on a Liberal PR meeting? The fact that there is no moral equivalency between Clinton’s dalliance with an adult female – both consenting adults – and Trudeau’s (alleged) misconduct with underage girls to whom he owed a duty of care will be very tough to explain!

        • The word underage was never mentioned stop trying to manufacture facts, since there was no rumor of police involvement we can assume the student or students were at least 16 years of age. In Canada the age of consent is 16 and in the US the age of consent varies from state to state .The issue is that even if the students were 18 it is still unethical and a violation for a teacher to be engaging in those activities with students, the same is true for doctors and lawyers getting involved with patients or clients.

            • That is an out and out lie. The age of consent was raised from 14 to 16 within the last 15 years. With idiots like you who lie to get their point across who lie and support crap totally unfounded it seems our voting pool could be a bunch of illiterates.

          • Back when that happened age of consent was 18. Trudeau only changed it after he was in power,which is from October 2015 till now. So he can be in big trouble.

          • Does age make any difference. Teachers have a moral responsibility to their students. It seems the priveledged have no such thing. Further why did he need daddy’s law firm to jump in after leaving. I didn’t need a law firm after retiring from 2 jobs. Wow folks he is a predator with a lot of cash and law firms to bail him out .

          • No we can’t assume that,,,,
            “Age of consent law in Canada refers to cultural and legal discussions in Canada regarding the age of consent, which was raised from 14 to 16 in May 2008 as part of the Tackling Violent Crime Act.”
            Age of consent in 2001 was 14 raised to 16 in 2008

          • While true, that the age of consent is 16, it does not apply to positions of authority, which includes teachers. That is very much against the law in Canada.

          • Age of consent is 16… but 18 for police… TEACHERS… and anyone else in a position of trust and/or authority.

      • If Bill jumped off a bridge, it would be okay if Justin followed. But, in this case, Bill was not a great example for Justin to follow.

    • Yes and the Liberals have and expose where Scheer was having sex with Jason Kenney and Baird in a threesome. Details to cum yet!

      • Yes… There is something crooked about the Canadian Press.
        Why did idiot Justin Trudeau give Hillary Clinton 20 million tax payer dollars?

    • ” he began studying engineering at Polytechnique Montreal but left that program shortly thereafter.” – When he discovered it requires a basic understanding of math and numbers.

    • Justin left West Point Grey Academy in part over a dispute over dress code and values.

      He had encouraged a student who had been reprimanded for wearing a sloppy tie to write an article for the school newspaper noting that some girls were also getting away with wearing uniform skirts a tad higher over the knee than allowed. The conservative administration was not happy. They reacted by reprimanding the student and shutting down the newspaperJustin left West Point Grey Academy in part over a dispute over dress code and values.

      He had encouraged a student who had been reprimanded for wearing a sloppy tie to write an article for the school newspaper noting that some girls were also getting away with wearing uniform skirts a tad higher over the knee than allowed. The conservative administration was not happy. They reacted by reprimanding the student and shutting down the newspaper

      • That is a nice story you have there. Were you present during his time there? I honestly think that this election will give some incite into just how many voters have little to no integrity to vote for this fraud of a government. Pretty sad that people are still defending the embarrassment of a PM. With the continuous fails, violations, groping, firing two women that wouldn’t do as they were told, the list is endless. Hahaha. No integrity whatsoever.

        • Were you at the academy? You can claim this is 100% factual and true. I think it’s someone showing Trudeau in a picture with many beautiful women and then trying to make a malicious statement in order to get people to vote for any party other than Liberals. I hope Trudeau sues the Buffalo Chronicle and the perpetrator who made up this hogwash story.

        • Why would the police involve themselves with the groping incident when no complaint was made? She dropped the matter after Trudeau apologized and refuses to comment on it further. While I am no fan of Trudeau, integrity means being honest about the facts DESPITE your personal bias.

        • Right on Mike. You are being kind to sock boy. He just buys his way out of trouble with our tax dollars. Sure wish Vice Admiral Norman wasn’t bought off. There would have been a lot of ships sunk had he been given a chance to speak the truth. Ministers leaving cushy jobs to run home to raise kids Butts getting million dollars but outs only to be brought back the list is endless

      • Sure…and no one brought up Trudeau’s blackface Aladdin costume as somewhat inappropriate. Pull you’re head out of your ass.

        • It’s too bad that blackface pic didn’t appear while the court jester was attending that recent G7 meeting overseas. I’m sure the homegrown marxist-lieberals would’ve been very proud of the boy.

      • I call B/S on this one. A person doesn’t lose their teachers licence & get purged from the system for challenging the School’s Administrator. I understand and find it funny he apparently left the school the day after his friend was arrested on child porn charges

      • Then why did he have to get DADDY’s law firm involved. I don’t believe a word of it. Why did he apparently apply for a court injunction against the Globe and Mail? Why did he tell another newspaper the reason he left was to move on. Sorry that doesn’t cut it.

      • That’s what Justy claims. If it’s true, there’s physical copies of the disputes and reprimands that would have been signed by all involved parties. Produce them. We’ll wait.

        Oh, while you’re at it, get a copy of his resignation from the school, too. Oh, wait, Justy’s lawyers sealed that with a NDA

    • And where is the Canadian Mainstream media on this story? Crickets from the war room I’m afraid. Sad story on Canada’s liberal democracy. And for the record, I’m a proud Canadian.

    • There’s no question if this story ever broke that it would finish him although it bears mentioning that the legal age for consent in 2001 was only 14. Ironically, it was increased to 16 in 2008 by Prime Minister Harper, Trudeau’s arch rival. Still, if was a student he done as it would amount to a collossal breach of trust and judgement.

      • Another Vancouver teacher has gone to prison for this exact same scenario. Trudy is Tefflon though and he will get away with it.
        I was a student during that era. Other substitute teachers that where friends of his did a lot of talking. He cherry picked and ONLY ever took sub postings in the wealthy neighbourhoods.

      • That may be but under the Young Offenders Act Trudeau was a person in authority meaning he had some control and she may have done what she done out of fear although not likely. But you get my drift.

    • Canadians have a RIGHT to know about this!!

      Our media is despicable, being bought off and actively silenced by Trudeau with our own taxpayer’s money!

      For that fact alone, Canadians need to KNOW about this!

      These stories will get around, and nothing will stop them from crossing borders in this digital age.

      No wonder Trudeau brought in FB and had them agree to let the gov. decide what content on FB Canadians could see during the election!

      He has been using his position as PM to hide and cover up this criminal scandal, and who knows how many others?

    • I don’t care what he did as a rich teenager, it’s what he has don’t over the last four years of giving our money away or think just spend money like water and the fear of what he will do over the next four years if re elected , gasoline will go up, natural gas for home heating will go up……he looses nothing……

      • It does not matter because Justin’s advisors Gerald Butts, Katie Telford and Omar Alghabra have promised us all that we will have a Liberal dynasty that will endure for a thousand years!

        • Didn’t another group of nutcases say the same thing in Germany in 1933 a 1000 year Reich ,we can only hope that Justin takes his own life the same as Hitler did

    • It is a “badge of honor” among Canadian journalists that they are free of bias – and this is particularly true of those in the broadcast media and those in print who can be readily identified as holding left-wing views. That said, it is more than passing strange that it is US media outlets that have broken the 2 biggest political stories to happen in Canada in decades – the “blackface” affair and the allegations of sexual misconduct by our PM. Lack of bias…or just lazy “status quo” journalism?

    • Not to defend this buffoon, by ANY means (believe me) but with regard to this article, I see absolutely no verified (or verifyable) information here. Without that, what use is the article in the first place?

    • Yes please help. Our state media is bought of. If you sent a reporter to ask these questions. We need help.

    • This has gone to far now. Trudeau needs to resign right now. How much can Canadians take this is out of control. Wow .🤨



      This former wife of a liberal MPP says her husband laundered $3 billion for the party. She was there. She has the information. The controlled press won’t touch her story. No politician will either. Are they all is Paradise accounts together?

      Political parties are like cults. The members must have total blind obedience to the leader regardless of any facts. The history of Canadian politics has been tag team looting since 1867.

      • So because the National Observer wrote a poor article in which they phoned the liberal party, who said NO, and the school who would not say why he left, and that election fraud is bad and the RCMP is on it just not on this, it’s fake news? Lol, you better take a course on how to read between lines and what a fluff piece is, no mention of his pedo roomate or how his dads law firm was hired MIDTERM to help with his “transition” or that he has given 5 different reasons on record for his leaving that institution? It’s probably more true than you want to believe.

    • OMG Canada, how did you let this idiot son of Castro be selected into a position of sexualising and destroying your once fantastic country? God help you. So he not only blackfaced but had sex with a 14yo girl when he was a man in his late 20s. My God. Everybody got conned with his looks. I have always found him skin crawlingly gross. Now i know why.

  1. I sure hope the victim will do the right thing and not take any money from Trudeau to suppress this. Some things money can’t buy like your dignity.
    If Trudeau was indeed having sexual relations with a minor it needs to be known before there are other victims.

      • I have heard that Justin had to leave the school that he was a substitute teacher at (the elite Vancouver private school) because he had an affair with a 17 year old student, as previously mentioned.
        He had a buddy that he knew before the teaching gig who got a job at the same time at the same private school as Justin, a Christopher Charles Invaldson. Later Christopher had been charged with possessing child pornography and jailed and also after that was charged in a child pornography ring connected in 3 countries (several year investigation by the RCMP). The child porn was found in both his home and work computer.
        There is another issue that is considered odd and unsettling, that being a murder of 2 parents whose child attended the school when Justin and Christopher were teaching there. The investigation ended with the reason for them being murdered was that they were involved in the mafia. The victims had no previous issues with the law and their friends and family called the explanation of the murder a cover-up, as they were never involved in any mafia, and that there was something sinister with what was happening with their child at that school.
        Something is just not adding up with Justin and his buddy Christopher. It is no secret that Justin left the private school in a hurry!

    • What is really needed is a proper poll to find out what percentage of voters would like to be groped by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

  2. I spent a fair amount of time skiing and snowboarding in Whistler when I was a younger man, and had many encounters with the Trudeau’s. I have said it before, and will say it again, “any journalist could dig up multiple stories of King Justin being criminal, if they cared to go to Whistler and ask around”!
    This individual should absolutely refuse the non disclosure payout, all it does is give a free pass to his crimes, and allows other children to be harmed with silence!

    • So you are saying that a guy gives a Traitor 10.5 million dollars. Thinks there should be two laws in Canada and gives the right for the banks to take our money. Should be our PM.

    • If true, the sexual assault victim could become wealthy with books, interviews and possibly a movie. Multi-millions if she / they don’t start experiencing Clintoncide.

    • Justin left West Point Grey Academy in part over a dispute over dress code and values.

      He had encouraged a student who had been reprimanded for wearing a sloppy tie to write an article for the school newspaper noting that some girls were also getting away with wearing uniform skirts a tad higher over the knee than allowed. The conservative administration was not happy. They reacted by reprimanding the student and shutting down the newspaper

      • This story comes striaght from one of Justin’s ghost-written autobiographies. I tend not to trust stories coming from people who are proven liars and law-breakers.

        • Exactly. He is not going to say he left because he was getting BJ’s from his students. He got Daddy’s law firm involved. The school will not say a damn thing they want to proyect their reputation let alone lawsuits.

    • If true by accepting payout she is also actionable for obstructing justice as is PM, NDA or not having sexual relations at that time age of consent was 18, if she was under that age by signing she would be definitely involved in covering up a crime if it came out.

      And by the PM not suing this paper as well as Zerohedge and TNC that has reported it for slander and liable is telling in itself, almost condemning considering how our elected officials sue each other all the time.

  3. The victim needs to realize that the money is even bigger if they go to a news agency! Whomever it is they also need to realize the great service they will be doing for the Canadian people by exposing the POS as he really is!

  4. Only non disclosure I’d sign is one that has him resign immediately and turn himself over to police for a complete investigation.

  5. There is no Sunday edition of the Globe and Mail. This whole article is probably as reliable as that claim.

  6. Sounds like The National Enquirer. Rumours and innuendo designed to inflict harm with zero accountability. I wonder who planted this “story.” Sounds like desperation.

    • So the Liberal Party went to court late Friday night and shut down the entire print-run of the Globe & Mail Weekend Edition because of some baseless innuendo? Really? The most serious, prestigious newspaper in the country behaves like some tabloid? I guess it’s easier to shoot the messenger than to have to re-think one’s own moral compass. You learned nothing from the Blackface story.

    • Blind koolaid drinking sheeple is what you are Debra. Like his hair do ya? Jealous you didn’t get a chance to please sock boy? GTFO

  7. The only way to get to the truth is to find the girl. Then ask her what happened. But of course he will say she may see it that way but he has a different opinion on the matter.

  8. I really, really hope you get sued. This is why we hate American politics as you love to descend into the cess pool of rumour and innuendo. Our Prime Minister has a young family and a career of public service. In Canada we prefer to run elections on policy not personality.

    • Bullshit! Trudeau ran his whole last campaign on personality not policy!! Look how many stupid there were that time

    • gather you dont live in the same canada as i do. maybe you dont remember his parents and pierre elliot im sure isnt his father. his mom was very promiscuous and hung around with fidel back in the day

    • Career of public service? He taught drama and ultimate frisbee part time, then white-water rafting. He’s a turd.

    • That’s just hilarious!
      Good dog!
      You parroted out all the traditional Liberal bigotry and nonsense with no spelling errors.

      Trudeau was elected because of his hairdo and his last name.

      His administration is a cess pool of corruption and hypocrisy and scandal.
      Mr. Feminist PM fired three women for being honest.
      How many other scandals are his bought and paid for media hiding for him?
      Why did it take an American magazine to break his blackface story?

      I notice that Canada has dropped from number one to number eight in the country reputation rankings since he was elected.
      He’s a worldwide laughing stock and a corrupt fool.
      Your hero.

    • Actually Trudeau has done nothing in his 4 years that warrants even the remotest level of respect. He is unethical, unintelligent, predatorial, not to mention a smug, sleazy, elitist bastard. He used taxpayer dollars to silence the mainstream Canadian press and s currently trying to suppress this story from coming out because he is terrified. How anyone could support him is reprehensible. He has been trying to sell Canadians his personality since day one, the problem is Canadians have seen too much and the majority see him for the useless waste of skin that he is.

    • Speak for yourself Susan use I not we cause you sure as hell do not speak for me.. Our Prime Minister is a total idiot and embarrassment to this country. Finally a newspaper that wasn’t bought off by this idiot.

  9. The constant bullshit from the right is going to come back and haunt you. And you will deserve every bit of the pain.

    • You twisted yourself into a moral pretzel to accept the Blacface photos. You swallowed your pride when Trudeau was found to broken ethics laws. Where is your line in the sand? Does Justin have to murder someone before you question your continued support for him?

  10. Wow the desperation of you canadians is hilarious. Trudeau will win. Scheers is bringing far-right, American-style politics. Oh wait, he is American. We all know well that is going. You bunch of twats. Piss off

    • You mean like the Canadian green party leader and the ndp party leader? Green leader couldn’t get elected in Canada or the usa the ndp leader isn’t allowed in the middle East or the usa the conservative leader who isn’t conservative in my books and who I’m not voting for has duel citizenship due to enlisting to the USA military so shove that in your pipe I’ve never voted lieberal either in my 50 some years they’re all liars and thieves in my book… time to maximize Canada for Canadians and vote for real conservative PEOPLES Party of Canada

    • Scheers an American Sweet. I’m Canadian and if he wants to bring in USA style politics Fucking Right.
      If they were in place now That Cock Sucker would have been Impeached by now and in jail.

  11. The Buffalo Chronicle. LMAO. This on line Rag has been identified as a right wing totally fake news site. Just another case of the US Media Amateur Hour. I hope like Hell the Russians interfere with American elections AGAIN just like Americans interference in Canadian Politics !!!!!! Go Russia Go

  12. surely, the gist of this story. at least that the G&M is sitting on an explosive story will be confirmed by someone if true. and when i say “sitting on an explosive story”, it is probably because of litigation concerns that they don’t go forward.

    of course, the next story down in EW paying a young marine for sex, EARLIER THIS YEAR…. 25 years ago, who knows? but this didn’t happen in 2019.

    no one dislikes trudeau more than me but my sense is this isn’t true…… perhaps the whole thing is very vague. another explaination

  13. Man, I *love* the desperation of gormless anti-Trudeau rednecks. Smells like a cherry pie fresh out of the oven!

    • Firstly, I am not going to say that this story is true, however, based on Trudeau’s awful reputation, this would not surprise me the least if it were. Secondly, no one more desperate than you based on your post. When you start resorting to name calling (or identity politics and virtue signaling), we know that it is the left that is truly desperate. I always find it incredible how the left can be so obvious with their hypocrisy and their virtue signalling, the kind of crap that they are always guilty of doing… been caught time and again that we lost count. They are the first to claim that we are Canada, not the US and do not espouse to US politics and dirty mud slinging, yet are the first ones mimicking “American” politics as they now decided to describe anyone even left of centre “rednecks” (taking a page out of clinton’s “deplorable” statement). Indeed, so very desperate. The least informed and least educated vote has typically been wasted on the Liberal camp.

    • Arch your telling me that anyone not agreeing with Trudeau is a redneck. With a comment like that I figure your a racist placing everyone into one category. Look snowflake Trudeau seems to cause his own messes. So if anyone is desperate go to the washroom and look inot the mirror.

  14. Please help Canadians. Trudeau has silenced our media. There is an injunction against Globe & Mail printing story. Everyone needs to know Mr. Fake Feminist is a sexual predator

  15. Old Chines proverb .. ” The only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead” .. and there were surely a lot more than two people who saw the Globe article.

  16. trudeau told Don Martin CTV politics show host many yrs ago that he could never be PM as he has too many secrets

  17. Wouldn’t it be great if the Canadian media used the bailout money from Trudeau to instead compensate this person so they wouldn’t have to take the dough and sign the NDA? I think THAT would be priceless!

  18. THANK YOU,BUFFALO NEWS, sad day when the Crime Minister of Canada pays Main-Stream Media $600 MILLION JUST before the ELECTION to Cover-Up his CRIMES !!!

  19. According to the “victim” it was a skinny white guy dressed in “blackface”, it could have been anyone,..

  20. He was so arrogant thinking that he could get away with anything because he was the spawn of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. That arrogance is quickly catching up with him and will be his political end.

  21. it’s no wonder he can’t run this country, he’s too busy covering up all the bloody scandals he’s involved in. Never in my 52 years of living have I heard so much bullshit about a Prime Minister, involved in one scandal after another. On October 17, 2019, lets take out the trash Canada! This guy doesn’t deserve another opportunity to destroy this beautiful country we call Canada. Money doesn’t make a person, this silver spoon fed drama teacher is nothing but a two bit criminal!

  22. So theoretically , she could be a Millionaire by signing a Non-disclosure agreement. But realistically, she is a C*ck S*cker !

  23. A teacher banging a student is rape.
    Person in a position of power etc.

    But that serious crime can be negotiated away with enough cash?

  24. What is at the core of Justin’s political success?
    Well… It’s because he expresses himself using politically correct phrases.
    I don’t like it but many People do. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  25. What a lot of hufty mcgufty about nothing. A waste of time and space.
    Who writes this garbage? Let’s hope it doesn’t represent the voting Canadian and their

  26. Why is this not being investigated ? . Supposedly had his accuser sign a disclosure agreement and paid her off 2.2 million dollars , Oct / 2019 just before the election , in which he wouldn’t be able to run in the election . If this is true , he shouldn’t be in office at all and is posing as PM Illegally .

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