Flanagan: Democrat electioneering must be struck down by the Court


Democrats controlling this state violated the very responsibilities given to them by the people by putting their duties in the hands of nine unelected, and therefore unaccountable, Public Campaign Finance and Elections commissioners. This unconstitutional abdication of authority must be struck down by the Court.

That is why today, Republicans, including myself, and in response to a lawsuit filed by the Conservative and Working Families parties against the creation of this Commission, agree that Democrats must be stopped from their Constitutional demolition. We have also filed a cross claim in this action.

Despite opposition from 65% of New Yorkers, Democrats plan to spend $100 million per election cycle on their campaigns based on recommendations made by a Commission. They further want to diminish third party participation in our elections, acting on a vindictive whim of the Governor. This is also unconstitutional and un-Democratic.

Real leadership means leading all the time, not just when it’s easy or convenient. If lawmakers want to change the law they must be willing to work with the public, craft the legislation, and vote for it.

John Flanagan is the Republican Minority Leader in the State Senate.

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