NY Senate

When will Tim Kennedy start delivering on Transportation money?

Senator Tim Kennedy has been getting a lot of newfound attention following the Democratic Party’s takeover the Senate chamber last November.  He was even named the Chairman of the Transportation Committee by Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins of Westchester County. His

Health and Wellness

Know the risks of heatstroke

BY NORBERT RUG The most loving and attentive parents can even make mistakes. This includes accidentally forgetting their child in the back seat of the car. This is especially true with the rear-facing car seats. The problem is you can’t


Avoid another Amazon by learning from Essex Crossing

BY FELIX CIAMPA Amazon’s decision to withdraw its plans to build a second headquarters in Long Island City sparked dire predictions from many observers. Some argued it would now be impossible to attract significant commercial development in Western Queens, or

New York City

How the new rent laws will slam NYC’s housing market

BY HOWARD HUSCOK New York’s new rent-regulation law makes dramatic changes to housing rules — limiting rent increases after owners make major improvements and even after units become vacant and the rents have not been raised for years. The law will likely

Urban Design

We need more family-friendly cities

BY AARON RENN In January, Malaysia Goodson was killed when she fell down the stairs at New York’s 7th Avenue subway station while carrying a stroller with her one-year-old daughter in it.  The baby girl survived but now faces life without her mother. The 7th Avenue


Gentrification for social justice?

BY KAY HYMOWITZ  For many on the left, gentrification remains a dirty word, synonymous — or at least closely associated — with racism, oligarchic developers, neoliberalism, and even genocide. Fortunately, not all gentrification-watchers are so dystopic. Less excitable observers harbor reasonable concerns about poor residents forced

State Budget

Updated payroll data on New York State authorities is released

Payroll data for 73,884 public authority employees, totaling almost $4.5 billion, have been added to SeeThroughNY. The new data come from 298 employers and include: New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (43,436 employees) New York State Thruway Authority (3,952 employees) Urban Development


How will you live your life?

BY NORBERT RUG How will you choose to live your life? This isn’t a trick question. I am asking if you have chosen to live your life fully or just exist day to day. Not being able to control your

Health and Wellness

At my age, a fall can be a life changer

BY NORBERT RUG Falls are frightening when they happen to anyone but especially for senior citizens. Over 25% of all Americans over age 65 fall every year, and every fall has approximately a 20% chance of causing a serious injury.


Taking care of kids keeps you on your toes

BY NORBERT RUG Donna and I watch our grandchildren and a few other children. As we counted them up, we have watched over 20 children not counting our own children. I think that babysitting your grandkids improves and extends your

Norb's Corner

We are losing our privacy bit by byte

BY NORBERT RUG I recently noticed that when I looked on the internet for something, ads for this product would appear on the sidebar of my browser. A simple search for my name on the internet resulted in over 5,000


Lovin’ Spoonful: Somewhere

BY NORBERT RUG The three amigos, my wife Donna, my buddy Ed, and I ventured out looking for somewhere to go for dinner. We ended up at “Somewhere” a quaint looking place at 681 Blairville Road in Youngstown. When we


Bear Ridge Solar project in Pendleton raises concerns

BY NORBERT RUG Cypress Creek Renewables is proposing to construct a project called “Bear Ridge Solar” to install solar panels in Cambria and Pendleton. I have no problem for people to use their property for legal reasons. Solar energy gives