Katrinna Martin: “The local Democratic Party is shameful…”


The local Democratic Party is shameful in their tactics and the unleashing of their social media trolls that lie about any and everything to paint these wicked pictures of democrats is horrible. They are simply part of the good ole boy network of patronage, appointment, and cronyism. How are you some kind of progressive democrat that chokeholds democracy by attempting to lock down a political system of engagement by pushing the narrative that no one can participate unless they have some type of permission from the white male-dominated democratic establishment?

Right now they are in overtime trying to teach skills to the unskilled politicians that they have chosen to lead a community that none of them know a single thing about.

Right now they are trying to sell you a book to gain knowledge on the Bills stadium deals; which was negotiated on your behalf by an elected official that you hired and already paid for such information; it is now coming to you for $19.99.

I am running to represent this community because ethics and the moral consciousness among all of our elected officials have not caught up to the reality of the state of the black community.

When you endorse people because you will look better, but not your community; then your moral high ground is not planted on solid ground. Most of you are looking out for yourselves and your own political interest, not the community that needs solid leadership with ingenuity and interventions to move our community forward.

And none of you are going to support any candidate with enough knowledge base to function independently or that understands enough politics or current issues and events to introduce legislation or resolutions that are written out by themselves rather than others.

Currently, resolutions and legislation are not written by the individual introducing the legislation to our community as their own. It is just placed in front of them to sign and support; because you might actually need someone that has worked on the issues to reach the best outcomes. It’s not happening folks.

They don’t want a debate on the issues or their tactic; because they can’t stand it. But with the general election underway; if nothing else we are going to expose the game for what it is.  I am a democrat and I will always be a democrat. But I am a Democrat that has worked for years to perfect a craft of caring about the masses ahead of the group dynamics and self-interest.

So while they are rocking you to sleep with propaganda BS?  I have studied change theories from scholars such as Lewin, Roy, and Neuman. And some change will be more difficult than others, but we will get there.

As they tell you; God will do it for you, but they have political operatives doing it for them.

Now a bunch of privileged politicians are going to cry foul and have their trolls say that I am trying to take down the party. No, I am trying to take them down to save the people and what’s left of the party in the black and Latino community. Why? Because none of them can do it. If they could they would have done so already. None of them sparked a political revolution in over 30 years; but I have, with no patronage power, money or large crew.

Now that’s “gangsta”. And this is why they are mad…

Have a thoughtful no-nonsense day!

And you don’t have to take anything from anyone, stand strong.

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