Federal agent charged with criminal assault against an Indigenous woman from Six Nations

Dayle Bomberry (right) is the federal government's most senior Indian agent on the Six Nations Reserve, the most populous First Nations community in Canada. His ties to the Royal Bank of Canada have long raised eyebrows in the community. 

The longtime administrator of the Six Nations Reserve, the most populous First Nations community in Canada, was charged with the criminal assault of an indigenous woman from Ohsweken, ON, following a Superior Court hearing in Brantford yesterday.

Canadians from coast to coast have been calling for his termination and the incident is quickly becoming a flashpoint in the national discourse on violence against indigenous women — and more broadly about how men in executive positions treat women who question their judgment.

Senior Administrative Officer Dayle Bomberry is an Indian Agent who administers federal works programs delivered by the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC), an agency constructed and governed by the Indian Act.

On May 27, Bomberry physically attacked Rhonda Martin outside of the Reserve’s Central Administration Building.  Martin is a high-profile organizer who has mobilized the community against the longstanding fraud and abuses of the SNEC administration and its Indian agents.

Bomberry is due in court on August 29th at 9:00 am.

Rhonda Martin is a grandmother. She was attacked by the Six Nations Elected Council’s Senior Administrative Officer Dayle Bomberry just outside of the Reserve’s administration building.

Bomberry shoved Martin and attempted to use a vehicle door as a weapon against her.  Martin has several witnesses of the incident and produced a damning recording of the situation to the Court yesterday, after which charges were finally laid against Bomberry — despite the incident being reported weeks ago.

Canada’s federal Indian agents were evicted from the Reserve’s central administration building by Haudenosaunee activists, which has been enforced in the weeks since by blockade.  Bomberry attacked Martin outside of that building, in plain view of demonstrators.

The Provincial Court of Ontario has attempted to lay an injunction against Haudenosaunee officials who have been enforcing that action, but the Haudenosaunee assert that the Courts of Ontario are of no effect in Indian Country.  The Haudenosaunee Confederacy retains sovereign title over the Grand River Territory, a swath of land twelve miles wide that travels along the Grand River from its source, north of Toronto, to its delta at Lake Erie.

“No person has a right to lay their hands on anyone unless in self-defense,” Martin explains.

SNEC has been fraudulently misrepresenting itself to counterparties as a sovereign government with fictitious jurisdictional capacities, including to Hydro One in a deal that attempts to illegally authorize the Niagara Reinforcement Line, infrastructure that sits on sovereign land. SNEC officials are being accused of conspiring with the Ontario Ministry of Energy to defraud the Haudenosaunee Confederacy — who are the legitimate party to the Haldimand Treaty and hold sovereign title to the Grand River Territory — of 300 megawatts of renewable energy and more than $100 million.

“I have four daughters and three granddaughters that I need to protect… what kind of message would I be sending to them if I don’t protect myself? It is my role and responsibility as an Ohgwehoweh woman and mother to tell my girls not to be afraid to speak up and to always defend and protect themselves,” she says, in explaining why she fought for weeks to press charges.

“We have thousands of murdered and missing indigenous women and men across Turtle Island, and if I don’t speak up then these atrocities will only continue. We need to continue to keep the awareness in its fullest and clearest form that no one has that right to assault to anyone,” she adds.

Community members and civic leaders have been calling on SNEC to terminate Bomberry for cause.  They are expected to take up the issue at their next meeting, but that Council has been conducting business in hiding since the body was expelled from their chambers.

Martin’s supporters have been encouraging her to run for SNEC Chairperson, but she laughs off the suggestion.  The current Chairperson, Ava Hill, does not plan to seek the seat.

SNEC Chairperson Ava Hill is being bombarded with criticism of her handling of criminal assault allegations against her most senior administrative officer. She was made aware of the allegations nearly two months ago and did nothing to address his behavior.  She has since ignored widespread calls for his immediate termination.



  1. I think Bomberry and Ava Hill AND any other persons who ignored, hid, covered up, condoned his behaviour should be removed from the positions they currently hold. I also think they should be ineligible to run for any office on council in the furture.

  2. Enough with oppression and control of indigenous peoples by corrupt government officials. Take back sovereign power and make decisions that benefit all not just those linked to Canadian gvt entities.

  3. This is not fair to the people n they should be replaced n not allowed to speak. Fire them both, the people vote you in, n your done ask the people

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