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Thoughts on mail ordering your drugs

BY NORBERT RUG At my age, I take several medications. Many of these I get at a local pharmacy. The only one I can’t get from them is an oncology drug. I get that from an out of state pharmacy.


Akwesasne pushes the boundaries on Indigenous self-governance

Kyrie Ransom and Bonnie Cole spoke to Queen’s Law this week about the Mohawks of Akwesasne’s plan to create their own laws and how they are shaping a court system unique to their community’s Haudenosaunee culture and philosophies. Ransom, the Justice Coordinator of

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Kamala launched, Giuliani wriggled…

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news — Sen. Kamala Harris launched a Presidential campaign. Trump apologist Rudy Giuliani wriggled his way out of his previous denials over the proposed Trump Tower Moscow. He now says it was


Memories of Rocketship 7 and WBKW’s glory days

BY NORBERT RUG A long, long time ago, in a place that seems far, far away, many Buffalo area children, myself included, would turn on their TV sets in the morning and were greeted by a trusted friend. In 1961

Erie County Democrats

Mayor Brown is planning to oust Zellner from local party chairmanship

Privately, Mayor Byron Brown is seething over his removal as State Chairman of the Democratic Party. Operatives close to the newly triumphant Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins were angry with Brown’s refusal to fundraise for Democrat Carima El-Behairy and Joan

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Norb’s Corner: Love

BY NORBERT RUG I recently received a picture of a painting from a local Buffalo artist of two older people hand in hand walking away due to something I had published in the newspaper. It reminded me of my wife

Niagara Falls

Lisa Vitello misses key FOIL deadline, raising eyebrows

The Chronicle filed three separate requests for information with the Niagara Falls City Clerk’s Office on Wednesday, January 2nd, largely related to Mayoral candidate and Community Development Director Seth Piccarillo — a key figure in the administration of outgoing Mayor

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In age of robots, get a Roomba

BY NORBERT RUG We have a couple of residents at our house. We don’t have to feed them. They never need a doctor’s appointment. We don’t have to take them anywhere. And here’s the best part, they never make a

US Senate

Schumer may align with Tribes to delay USMCA ratification

The first North American trade agreement was the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, negotiated by John Jay and Alexander Hamilton — and known widely as the “Jay Treaty. Article III affirmed the right of Indians to conduct nation to nation

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Winter driving, let it snow

BY NORBERT RUG Winter can also be a very hazardous time of the year especially in Western New York, sunny one minute, and a blizzard 3 miles down the road. It pays to prepare yourself for the unexpected by having

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I write much more than I need to…

BY NORBERT RUG I tend to write much more than I need to, but when I can’t write, it’s a very distressing feeling. A good day is when I get articles published in multiple places. My mind tends to become

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Impeach the what?

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news: Saying “Impeach the motherfucker” and being defended by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is enough to get Rashida Tlaib to Fox news for another day. Of course, while Fox calls Rep. Ocasio-Cortez “the left’s