Jacobs angles for County Executive run, but some Republicans want Dixon

State Senator Christopher Jacobs has been desperate to vacate his State Senate since the days following his reelection in November.  Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins plans to target the 60th and 61st districts next year with millions of dollars in campaign advertisements — in an effort to acquire a powerful two-thirds majority in the chamber, a key step in locking Republicans out of redistricting in 2021.

Jacobs had his sights set on succeeding Representative Chris Collins in the 27th Congressional district — but it looks like a messy primary there will be inevitable under any foreseeable scenario. The County Executive’s race makes sense for Jacobs, considering his two decisive elections as County Clerk.

But some Republicans are wondering whether County Legislator Lynne Dixon would be a stronger candidate against the two-term incumbent, Mark Poloncarz.  Dixion is a widely popular registered Independent with a track record of winning in a Democrat-leaning district.


Both Jacobs and Dixon are moderates in policy posture and tone, but some experts think that Dixon’s candidacy would draw stronger natural contrasts with Poloncarz — whose stiff demeanour, standoffish attitude, and lacklustre presence has created a political opening for an energetic Republican with ideas, style, and approachability.

Dixon’s supporters say that she would be an equally strong contender for Congress in possible special election ahead of 2020.  Some speculate that if Jacobs were to endorse Dixon for Congress, she might endorse Jacobs for County Executive — something of a one-two punch to electoral prospects of County Comptroller Stefan Mychijliw, who soured the palette of many Republicans when he seemed overly eager to present himself as Collins’ heir apparent.

Curiously, County Executive Mark Poloncarz is divorced. He is single and living in the Elmwood Village.

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