Seaman is considering a run for Mayor, post-Brown

A source is telling The Chronicle that the embattled Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Chairman and City Treasurer Michael Seaman is considering a run for Mayor of Buffalo following Byron Brown’s presumed retirement in 2021. Seaman is close to the powerful political operative and former County Executive Joel Giambra, whose restored reputation and network of clients make him a potent political force.

Brown, who had planned on departing Buffalo for a high-level appointment in a Clinton administration, has signaled that if he is elected to a fourth term that he would not seek a fifth. That a senior Brown administration official is thought to be actively posturing for the position indicates to operatives that Brown is serious about a self-imposed four-term limit.  Perhaps, too, it indicates that senior Brown administration operatives are already contemplating a succession plan.

Seaman lives in North Buffalo and serves as a Director of the Erie County Medical Center.

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