Mascia says no to a six month phase out of BMHA’s Executive Director

Housing Commissioner Joe Mascia is opposed to BMHA Chairman Michael Seaman’s alleged effort to allow the agency’s Executive Director, Dawn Sanders-Garrett, phase out of her role over several months. In an email to the Chairman, Commissioner Mascia expresses his disapproval of that plan.

Sanders-Garrett’s contract expires at the end of this month, and the agency’s mismanagement has been so pervasive that HUD officials have threatened a federal receivership of the housing authority, which manages 31 properties comprising approximately 8,000 units across the city.

——-Original Message——-
Date: 4/21/2015 8:27:25 PM
Subject: E.D.
   I hear you want to give the E.D. 6 months to ease out as Director. Forget it.I could care less about her career  after what her and Modesto have accomplished and disgraced this Authority and the Board. She can make it easy on herself and resign for personal reasons. We need to start with a clean slate. I may not have the votes but I have the News. She’s an embarrassment to the Administration.

This month’s Board of Commissioners’ meeting agenda will be a full one tomorrow, and Mascia still has a lawsuit pending against the authority regarding the process that was undertaken to install the five Mayoral appointments to the Board of Commissioners. The State Supreme Court will make a determination regarding the legality of the appointed Commissioners. Mascia contends that Mayor Byron Brown made appointments improperly, without proper consent from the Common Council.

Tomorrow’s agenda Items will include:

  • Management turn around plan requested by HUD which Commissioners have not had the privilege of reviewing
  • 2015/2016 budget (failed to pass previously for lack of detail)
  • $150,000.00 to the Erie Regional self sufficiency program through a non competitive bid, which violates BMHA procurement policy
  • Transfer of land at Woodson Gardens to non for profit for sale, which is adjacent to City Honors High School
  • Removing over 400 units from Schaffer Village and  Commodore Perry Development


  1. Right, knock down units after you have no clue how to run BMHA. Employees and tenants should be up in arms. Who will get money from selling Woodson? Investigate!

  2. The Board Has Power To Remove Mr. Candelario ,Yolanda Barrers And Vanessa Soloman Asset Management Dir. Or Susan Escabl …..Before You Seek Another Ex. Director -Give The Director Someone She Can Work With And Has The Qualifications.
    Yolanda Rodriquez runs -5-units a real trouper , of going above and beyond the call of duty . Therefore your comment against this employee as incompetent is mis-directed and pure -slander ; The BMHA BOARD And The R.H.A. Another Player In This Game Is Incompetent : You cant blame the director –hand appointed by the Mayor -everything she asks you approve or disapprove , Joe Mascia Please resign or be part of a solution to work and fix up the vacant buildings , restore the funding and rehire the 274 employees who all help keep the buildings in shape , complaining does the residents very little;

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