Pot smokers feel ‘cheated’ by Prime Minister Justice Trudeau

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 9: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau meets with the editorial board at the Toronto Star in Toronto. (Todd Korol/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Recreational marijuana users who worked hard to elect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now feel “cheated” by his support of a police crackdown on storefront dispensaries, a cannabis industry spokesperson says.

via Pot smokers feel ‘cheated’ by Prime Minister Justice Trudeau


  1. Well “Aldo Ferrone” there are many, many hard working, wealthy people who smoke pot and they are far from being useless or losers. Perhaps it was just YOU that turned into an idiot when you smoked a joint. You are yet another person who apparently believed all the propaganda bullshyte about pot and the evils that may lay there in. Not that there are any evils committed by those who drink alcohol righ ALDO? Are you sure your name is not Waldo?

    • I would like to make a correction to my post (Les). this post was done at 9:32 am, not 5:32 pm so not sure why this site got my posting time wrong… fix it!

    • Take your sanctimony elsewhere boomer. Just because you’re unaware of how harmful drugs and alcohol are to society, doesn’t mean everyone is.

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