Uber bets on artificial intelligence with acquisition and new lab

With the Geometric Intelligence deal, Uber wants to make major advances in how the computers behind self-driving vehicles think and make decisions on the road.

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Ride sharing companies are upending the traditional market for taxi cabs across the nation. Such ride sharing apps are banned in New York State outside of New York City, because of push back from regional taxi companies. Those companies say that deregulating the market to allow for Uber and Lyft would irreparably damage their businesses and lead to a loss of jobs.

Those fears are being confirmed with Uber’s recent acquisition of Geometric Intelligence, a firm that has been developing an artificial intelligence technology capable of operating self-driving vehicles.

All eyes will be on newly elected State Senator Chris Jacobs. As county clerk he supported legalizing ride sharing apps statewide. With considerable leverage inside the Senate Republican caucus, many operatives say that Jacobs will have a decisive voice on the issue. It’s not going to be as easy a decision as he had thought.


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