Panepinto gets berated by activist at SCOPE meeting

SCOPE member and gun rights activist Nick Orticelli had tough words for Senator Marc Panenpinto, who is trying to manage quite a pivot to cast himself as a supporter of the second amendment. At a recent SCOPE meeting, Panepinto presented himself as a liberal “on economic issues” while in the process bashed Democrat presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders as “a pro-gun socialist.”

“Bullshit — you didn’t have any support for the second amendment,” Orticelli said. “Yeah right, and now you’re acting like you’re this conservative Democrat!  You’re one of the most liberal senators out there.”

Orticelli then threatens to “never give SCOPE another dollar” if the group endorses Panepinto before referring to Panepinto as “a dog.” The scene foreshadows a difficult reelection effort for the freshman State Senator who has come under fire for unethical behavior in office and two instances of election fraud prior to his term.

Former Senator Al Coppola is expected to challenge Panepinto in next year’s Democratic primary. Coppola is a longtime and well respected supporter of second amendment rights. Kevin Stocker is expected to seek the Republican endorsement and is also a firm supporter of second amendment rights.