Mascia: “I’m profusely sorry and deeply embarrassed”

It was brought to my attention today that I was recorded without my knowledge, and on the recording said something that I am deeply embarrassed by and ashamed of. The statement was totally out of character.

I have deep regard and respect for the individuals mentioned in the recording and apologize to them personally and profusely. It is my hope that they will accept my sincerest apologies and forgive me for my weakness in that moment.

What hurts me the most is offending my friends and people who had the faith in me to ask me to represent them on the Common Council — specifically the minority community. When in office I will fight relentlessly for all minority communities — the African American community in particular — as I have done for five terms as housing commissioner.

To my wife, my daughter, and my grandchildren — who expect much more of me than this — I am deeply sorry.

Regardless of my frustration at the time, there is no excuse for the language that I used. I will continue to fight for neighborhoods that have been neglected and people who have been ignored.

To the people I have hurt, and to the public in general: nobody deserves being described with such language — especially coming from me. It is my hope that I can regain your trust in the coming months.

I have no intention of interrupting my progressive, inclusive vision for our city and the Fillmore district. As always, I will make myself available to the community to discuss this or any other issue related to the Fillmore district or my candidacy.

With my deepest regrets,

Joe Mascia


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