Langworthy takes his strut at mark of fifth anniversary

Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy a celibratory strut in recognition of his five year anniversary as party chairman. Langworthy is the youngest chairman in local GOP history and was elected at the ripe old age of thirty.

During his tenure, the local GOP took control of the Erie County Legislature, the County Comptroller’s office, and a Congressional seat. Langworthy is seen as a rising star in the state party, and has been cast in some circles as the heir apparent of the current chairman, Ed Cox.

Langworthy is steadfast Republican standard bearer who has seen both good cycles and bad. In recent months, he has been criticized for not doing more to ensure that an Upstate Senator would become Majority Leader upon the recent ouster of Dean Skelos. That position went to a downstater. Earlier this year, Langworhthy was a nonexistent presence in the Assembly leadership battle as well; there had been talk of GOP led coup that never materialized.

In some minor ways,s Langworthy can project success: the Republican party can claim control of the Clerk’s office, the Comptroller’s office, and the County Legislature — despite a weak and little known candidate for County Executive. He can claim to have elected Congressman Chris Collins, but only after the seat was lost with candidate Jane Corwin, and after the County Executive’s office fell to Democrat hands.

This year will be another test. Will a first term and largely untested incumbent Mark Poloncarz manage to hang on, or will an abrasive narrow minded Assemblyman be able to mount a compelling challenge?


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