Grant, Fiume emerge as leading contenders for Erie County GOP chairmanship

Republican political operatives Chris Grant and Bryan Fiume are emerging as the leading contenders to replace former County Chairman Nick Langworthy, who has ascended to the State Chairmanship.  Grant is a storied figure in local politics, despite his relative youth and willingness to take on clients from both sides of the political aisle.

Grant is widely credited with orchestrating Chris Collins‘ election as County Executive and his election to the Congress. He is currently the Chief Strategist for Lynne Dixon‘s campaign for County Executive this year.

Bryan Fiume, who is Stefan Mychajliw‘s Deputy Comptroller, is seen as an equally potent and cunning contender for the leadership post.  His name is often floated as a contender to succeed the Chairman.  Fiume served as the chief of staff of the Erie County Legislature when the Republicans had control of the chamber. Fiume is widely credited with Mychajliw’s political victories and as a chief architect of his congressional ambitions.

While many party committeemen have been calling on Grant to agree to take the position, it’s unclear if Grant’s successful consulting practice will be too much of a time commitment for him to take on such a substantial party role.

Fiume is seen as being closer to Langworthy than Grant, but not as close as Erin Baker, the former Amherst Town Board candidate whose name has been widely floated for the post.

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