Poloncarz is feeling pressure on term limits issue

County Executive Marc Poloncarz is feeling the political pressure on the issue of term limits. He has been reluctant to articulate his views on the issue while his political allies, including Legislator Betty Jean Grant, openly oppose term limits.

Legislature Majority Leader Joe Lorigo has made term limits an issue in recent weeks. He is pushing to include a 12 year term limit on all of the county’s elected offices on the ballot for voter referendum.

Observers say that the headquarters faction of the party is comprised of career politicians who would never support such a limit. They think that voters should decide how long a official can serve.

County Clerk Chris Jacobs, who has said he is strongly considering a run for County Executive, has come out in support of term limits — but he would go further than Lorgio’s proposal.

On WBEN’s Hardline with Dave Debo, Jacobs said that he thought the term limit should be shorter and suggests 8 years instead. He also questions whether currently long serving politicians should be allowed to serve out another 12 years, as Lorigo proposes. Jacobs has been a longtime supporter of term limits.

Public opinion is against the headquarters faction of Democrats. Voters are overwhelmingly supportive of term limits, and Republicans can be expected to make this a key issue in the upcoming County Executive and Legislature races later this year.

Operatives will be watching Poloncarz. Most think that he will quickly come out in support of term limits to protect against activists’ backlash.



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