Senator Jacobs has been concealing a scandal from GOP leaders

Sources say that State Senator Chris Jacobs failed to mention a percolating public corruption scandal to the group of Republican County Chairman who are deliberating over a replacement nominee for the 27th congressional district seat currently held by Rep. Chris Collins.

The scandal — which local Republicans are refusing to discuss because it could wane the trajectory of the freshman legislator’s political prospects, and would almost certainly swing the 60th state senate district to the Democrat challenger, Carima El-Behairy — is said to involve Jacobs’ vote on S.4068.

Carima El-Behairy is a local attorney who is campaigning against corruption in Albany.  Will she take issue with what looks like a family-enrichment scheme in which freshman Senator Chris Jacobs knowingly participated?

That bill allows millions of dollars of state money to be used to expand the nine racetrack casinos operating in the State — two of which are owned and operated by Delaware North, the firm owned by Jacobs’ family.  The multi-billion dollar firm owns casinos located in Hamburg and Farmington.

Jacobs failed to recuse himself from that vote, taken on June 19, 2017.  Senator Kathleen Marchione, the official sponsor of the legislation, has declined to seek reelection.

Operatives familiar with the unfolding scandal say that it involves a damning series of campaign contributions, the timing of which have shocked even the most seasoned political operatives.  Several prominent Republicans are admitting privately that they may lose the 60th district — a seat thought to be relatively safe a few short months ago.

Without the 60th district, it is nearly impossible for Republicans to retain the chamber.

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  1. Senator Jacobs is not an owner of Delaware North and anyone who tells you that he is, would be either quite ignorant or blatantly lying for the sole purpose of trying to keep sway voters into turning NY State into NYC by having a Democratic Majority… What a sad commentary, even in the ugly world of politics.. There are only two pwooow who logically can run to replace Collins and both would win. One wouldn’t cost the RNC/NRCC a penny which they are going to need every dollar they can get.. The other has very low name idea and maybe 20k of money that can only be used towards a statewide, County or local race. If the Comptroller wins, then Erie County is bound to allow the Dems to keep the County Executive’s Office in their hands. I just hope that they chose right and take their time if need be. There are approximately 112,000 more registered Republicans in the District (meaning) Charlie Manson could win in death as a Republican.

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