The Paladinistas take their school board seats

Local media is reporting a cordial installation ceremony for recently elected at-large school board members Larry Quinn, Patricia Pierce, and Dr. Barbara Nevergold. The installation took place at the Board of Education’s public meeting room on the eighth floor of city hall.

During the reorganization meeting, the position of Vice President for Executive Affairs was given to Jason McCarthy who received a 5-4 vote. Nevergold, who holds a doctorate of education and is a career educator, received the other four votes.

The Board’s Vice President for Executive Affairs is expected to play a central role in recruiting the next Interim Superintendent and a permanent Superintendent, so some find the vote a telling sign of discord.

Dr. Theresa Harris-Tigg was reelected Vice President of Student Achievement and James Sampson was elected Board President.

All eyes will be on the board members as their working relationships either evolve or unfold.

WIVB’s Rachel Kingston reports that the issue of student transfers is percolating on the horizon, which will prove to be the “new majority’s” first test. It will also be a test for the media, as to whether their criticisms, tone, and coverage of the new board is equally as harsh and unyielding.


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