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CIA has video footage of Putin engaging in oral, anal sex with his Judo instructor

The Central Intelligence Agency is in possession of more than five-and-a-half hours of video footage of Russian President Vladamir Putin engaging in a range of sexual activities with his late mentor and judo instructor, the billionaire Anatoly Rakhlin and others.

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Putin, Ukraine, and Biden

BY LEON ARON Whether or not Russian troops cross the Ukrainian border to start yet another invasion of Ukraine, the reasons for Russia’s massing troops on the Russian side of the line fall into two categories. The first, permanent and

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Biden avenges Russian grayzone aggression

BY ELISABETH BRAW In the grayzone between war and peace, the targeted country always struggles with the dilemma of when and how to respond to aggression. In the United States, neither the Obama administration nor the Trump administration managed to

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Another tragedy unfolds in Syria

BY DANIELLE PLETKA On February 2, a little known anniversary passed with barely a remark. On that day in 1982, Syrian forces entered the town of Hama and massacred thousands, as many as 20,000 men, women and children. When I