Putin’s gay lover was awarded a $4 billion drilling contract in deal with China

A Russian oligarch, who is known to the CIA as President Vladimir Putin‘s long-time gay lover, was awarded a contract with the Russian Federation worth more than $4 billion.  That contract is part of a broader agreement on arctic drilling with the Chinese Communist Party.

The CIA has believed Putin to be a closeted homosexual since February 2012, when the Russian dictator began an ongoing affair with a peasant child from Tbilisi who was orphaned by political assassination.

That young man — Dmimti Bulova — is now 24 years old and manages a private equity fund based in Moscow with a lucrative portfolio of investments in Russian natural gas and mining companies.  The CIA believes that, before this most recent contract, Bulova held more than $200 million in personal assets.

Bulova has a nearly non-existent public profile and his non-descript Moscow office is nestled less than a half-mile from the Kremlin.  It lacks signage and is not mentioned in public telephone or address directories.

For the past ten years, Bulova has been living at various homes owned by Putin, including in a sprawling apartment in Moscow, a vacation home near Sochi, and a chalet in the Alps, where they conduct many of their affairs.

Until weeks ago, Bulova was in Germany aboard Putin’s yacht but has since returned to Moscow.  Neither Bulova nor Putin acknowledges their homosexual behavior to those individuals with whom they are close, and they’ve gone to extensive lengths to conceal their relationship.

Some CIA analysts believe that Putin has been grooming Bulova to succeed him as the leader of Russia.


  1. You know that Fake news are ruining your country Right?
    Or are you intendedly trying to fuel an overthrowing of the media and government to a social democratic one with full transparency. That would be great, because when less and less people are trusting the media they will also start building a mistrust for the government because they won’t even try to control it. Here in Sweden i can not remember a single event of fake news on state television and maybe that is why news television should and must be state owned, because as soon as people can make money out of misery the rotten capitalist inside many of us just jumps on the train without second thoughts or shame. That is how your country is built and from the outside it does not look that great at all as you trying so hard to keep up a facade of. We see the US more like a developing country because you even have starvation, people dying because they can’t pay medical bills, cheap alcohol and tobacco but expensive care if people get sick from it.

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