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Ricchiazzi wants Seneca Tribal Council to adopt an urban design plan for sovereign Niagara Falls territory

Urban design critic and publisher Matthew Ricchiazzi wants the Seneca Nation Tribal Council to adopt an urban design plan for its sovereign 50-acre territory in downtown Niagara Falls — and he wants the Council to prioritize individual entrepreneurship rather than


Parking lots blight State Park, Falls’ residents argue

Urban design and tourism advocates are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to commit to removing Niagara Falls State Park’s three surface parking lots, which they argue blight the park and detract from its natural awe.  Cuomo has refused similar demands in

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Parlato: Plan to dewater Falls is bad for business

BY FRANK PARLATO  There has been a lot reported in local media about a recent New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYSOPR) proposal to dewater Niagara Falls.  “Dewatering is necessary for two reasons,” a report from


The Albright Knox can transform Niagara Falls

Our region’s most renowned art museum boasts an enormous collection so large that only up to 3% of it can be displayed at any given time. The institution is considering an expansion, and finds itself landlocked at its Delaware Park