Kevin Stocker is willing to primary Chris Collins

Democratic Party activists are almost enthralled.  Attorney Kevin Stocker, a prominent and popular moderate Republican and former Town Prosecutor, is willing to primary incumbent Congressman Chris Collins, one of the wealthiest members of the House of Representatives and a resident of

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Coppola says stop bashing teachers

Senator Al Coppola, the Democrat running for State Senate against Republican Chris Jacobs, is disgusted with the way that today’s political discourse has wrongly bashed teachers in the media, often using hard working career professionals as political scapegoats — for purposes that often have little to do

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60th district is hardly a lock for Jacobs

BY TONY FARINA The 60th District State Senate race has it all:  what appears to be a serious GOP primary challenge from Kevin Stocker to the endorsed candidate, Chris Jacobs; a Democratic primary contest including upstart community activist Amber Small,

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Jacobs is nervous in wake of school board losses

Rumor has it that County Clerk Chris Jacobs is nervous following sweeping losses for the school board’s reform coalition earlier this month. Jacobs has been a chief architect of the reform coalition for years, and is said to be shaken by

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Jacobs expected to run for State Senate

BY TONY FARINA Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, a Republican and a member of the prominent Jacobs family which owns the Delaware North companies, has told political leaders he is going to run for the 60th District State Senate seat

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Panepinto refuses to step aside

Freshman State Senator Marc Panepinto has been called the weakest incumbent in the chamber, having won his district with just over 31% of the vote with current polling putting the incumbent at only 34% in a hypothetical Republican matchup. Despite

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Chris Jacobs offends poor people

County Clerk Chris Jacobs is doubling down on his call for an earlier bar closing time, despite the issue igniting a scathing discourse with sharply classist overtones. The issue is dividing the city between its blue collar populace and its

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Bar closing times likely to complicate Stocker-Jacobs primary

Chris Jacobs has not yet made his intentions to run for State Senate public, but sources say that Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is pushing the County Clerk to challenge Kenmore attorney Kevin Stocker for the 60th district Senate seat.

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New poll suggests a Stocker-Jacobs primary could be competitive

A poll conducted by several local Republicans last week suggests that a 60th State Senate district primary could be competitive. The poll surveyed 3,000 likely Republican primary voters; 39% committed for Kevin Stocker; 34% committed for Chris Jacobs; and 27% were

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Western New York will be a Senate battleground

As next year’s State Senate elections approach in the distance, the fog is clearing to reveal a political landscape that will make Western New York a central battleground for control of the chamber. Typically five or six seat are competitive

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Poll has Stocker defeating Panepinto in landslide: 56% to 34%

In a head to head matchup between freshman State Senator Marc Panepinto and his likely opponent Kevin Stocker, Panepinto would be defeated by the popular Republican in a landslide: 56% to 34%. Panepinto has long been considered the weakest incumbent

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Panepinto refuses to step aside, causing party rift

The embattled freshman State Senator Marc Panepinto has not indicated whether or not he will step aside after a single term. Political experts say that Panepinto is among the weakest Democrats that the party could run for the highly competitive

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Panepinto gets berated by activist at SCOPE meeting

SCOPE member and gun rights activist Nick Orticelli had tough words for Senator Marc Panenpinto, who is trying to manage quite a pivot to cast himself as a supporter of the second amendment. At a recent SCOPE meeting, Panepinto presented himself

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Kevin Stocker is campaigning early for State Senate

Kevin Stocker, the former town prosecutor who defeated Mark Grisanti in a jaw dropping landslide primary victory last year, has been seen campaigning door to door this month — nearly twelve months ahead of next year’s election for State Senate. Stocker

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Jacobs battles perception in aftermath of county executive debacle

County Clerk Chris Jacobs is battling perceptions ahead of next year’s election cycle. He stepped out of contention in the county executive’s race last year after intense party infighting with Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw and his operatives, causing many to brand


Stocker postured for transformative independence

Endorsement for State Senate Kevin Stocker served as Town Prosecutor for over 15 years in the Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore, putting criminals in jail and keeping his community safe. He is a graduate of Kenmore East High School and

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Democratic organization fractured hard, as Coppola breaks to support Grisanti

Former State Senator Al Coppola has endorsed Mark Grisanti, throwing the Democratic Party organization into disarray — instigating feverish bickering among top party operatives. Coppola, a long retired eleder statesman in local Democratic politics, nearly defeated Marc Panepinto (the party’s curiously endorsed