Corruption scandal prompts calls on Trudeau to resign

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become embroiled in scandalous allegations of public misconduct that threaten his ability to retain power over Canada’s Liberal Party government ahead of elections scheduled for later this year. Trudeau is alleged to have pressured former

Niagara Falls

Cuomo, Dyster want Toronto commuter trains to serve New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s administration, at the urging of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, is planning to lobby Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the coming weeks. The two men want badly to extend Toronto’s commuter train service to Niagara Falls, NY,


Trump wants to overhaul NAFTA?

This is the time for Canada to be bold and be prepared to give; freer movement of people, goods and investments within North America should be our objective via Trump wants to overhaul NAFTA? Bring it on — The Globe and


Pot smokers feel ‘cheated’ by Prime Minister Justice Trudeau

Recreational marijuana users who worked hard to elect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now feel “cheated” by his support of a police crackdown on storefront dispensaries, a cannabis industry spokesperson says. via Pot smokers feel ‘cheated’ by Prime Minister Justice Trudeau


Obama and Trudeau should open the Canadian border

It would require the elimination of customs tariffs, border crossing fees, and travel restrictions between the federal governments of the United States and Canada — but the concept of an open northern border is more politically plausible in the current