26th District

New polling suggests Jacobs would be a Republican favorite against Higgins

While the nomination of Senator Chris Jacobs in the 27th congressional district — New York’s most conservative — has sparked a widening divide inside the local Republican Party, new polling suggests that Jacobs would earn the support of a vast


A big win for daddy’s boy, Joey Lorigo

Rumor around town is that the three major party bosses who control Western New York recently met, and they conspired to thwart your democracy. Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy, Democrat Chairman Jeremy Zellner, and Conservative Chairman Ralph Lorigo are planning to fix

County Legislature

Joe Lorigo may face tough questions in reelection attempt

County Legislator Joe Lorigo is the son of Ralph Lorigo, the Conservative Party Chairman — a transactional but longtime figure in local politics. The elder Lorigo’s willingness to dole his party’s line to both Democrats and Republicans has earned him

County Executive

Poloncarz is feeling pressure on term limits issue

County Executive Marc Poloncarz is feeling the political pressure on the issue of term limits. He has been reluctant to articulate his views on the issue while his political allies, including Legislator Betty Jean Grant, openly oppose term limits. Legislature Majority Leader