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Maziarz comeback would make Langworthy next State Chairman

Republican leadership inside the 27th congressional district is considering a scenario in which State Senator Rob Ortt is elevated to replace Rep. Chris Collins on the ballot while nominating retired State Senator George Maziarz for the 62nd district seat. It is

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Maziarz would return to State Senate, if Ortt is elevated to Congress

Former State Senator George Maziarz, once one of Western New York’s most powerful politicians, could make a stunning political comeback — following vindication from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman‘s prosecution against him, widely seen as partisan prosecutorial misconduct. It looks increasingly

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Former Maziarz machine approaches an uneasy detente

For decades Senator George Maziarz was the godfather of Niagara County politics.  He was once a leading power broker in Albany, but his resignation following rumors of a looming FBI investigation caused his political empire to unfold. That those eventual

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Kennedy’s lack of black staffers causes concern

In the 2010 redistricting process, Senator Tim Kennedy’s district was redrawn to ensure minority representation in the State Senate. It is heavily Democrat-enrolled, and anchored by the large African American population on Buffalo’s Eastside and in West Cheektowaga. He even

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Forster reflects on downfall of longtime political foe

By Mike Hudson, The Niagara Falls Reporter Niagara County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster told the Niagara Falls Reporter that, while he takes no pleasure from the downfall of State Sen. George Maziarz, he believes the post-Maziarz era presents a golden

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Maziarz’s surprise decision comes as federal probe heats up

By Tony Farina, The Niagara Falls Reporter A federal investigation into his campaign spending stemming from the findings by the governor’s now defunct Moreland Commission on Public Corruption may have prompted powerful State Sen. George Maziarz of Newfane to not

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In a shocking political development, longtime Senator George Maziarz (R-Newfane) has decided not to seek reelection. The resignation comes less than a weak after top aids Alisa Colatarci and Marcus Hall resigned abruptly. PoliticsNY.net is reporting that the staffers were


Destino not running against Maziarz, may run against Dyster

By Frank Parlato, The Niagara Falls Reporter The schism between County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster and the Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster-controlled city faction of the local Democrats, headed by City Chairwoman Alicia Liable, is evidenced in the candidacy of

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Joanne Maziarz: “I want him out”

Joanne Maziarz, the sister of the longtime State Senator from Niagara County, has some tough love for her brother, George. In a wide ranging 20 minute interview, she describes growing up in a political family and seeing the corruption first