Joanne Maziarz: “I want him out”

Joanne Maziarz, the sister of the longtime State Senator from Niagara County, has some tough love for her brother, George.

In a wide ranging 20 minute interview, she describes growing up in a political family and seeing the corruption first hand. The Buffalo Chronicle was sent this 1 minute commercial, showing only snipits of a much more extensive criticism of the Senator.

“There are no jobs here for our young people,” she explains. “My brother has done nothing.”

We will see if Johnny Destino, who is again challenging Maziarz, will use the footage in upcoming TV spots. Destino challenged Maziarz two years ago in the Republican primary, but has since become a Democrat.

The 20 minutes of footage could make for 5 or 6 hard hitting TV spots that would almost certainly make the race competitive, especially now that the Niagara County district now includes the heavily Democrat-enrolled City of Niagara Falls.

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