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Activists demand an FBI probe after a ‘crooked judge’ removes a progressive challenger from the primary ballot

In a decision last Tuesday, the less-than-honorable State Supreme Court Judge Dennis Ward, ruled that the Democratic Designating Petitions of Emin Eddie Egriu filed by this campaign were invalid due to a technical error on the cover sheet of the


Higgins may retire to take a position at Delaware North

Rumor has it that Rep. Brian Higgins, the six-term Democrat of South Buffalo, is “inclined to prefer” taking a position as Delaware North‘s top federal lobbyist, rather than to run for a seventh term in the House of Representatives, a


As rumors of a Congressional run swirl, businessman Eddie Egriu reflects

BY T.W. HEWITT The popular Buffalo businessman Eddie Egriu is being urged to challenge Conservative Democrat Brian Higgins, an entrenched establishment figure in local politics for nearly three decades. For the last few months operatives have whispered that Higgins is seriously considering retirement. Egriu is


Secret Eddie Egriu campaign video surfaces

Eddie Egriu, the popular Buffalo businessman who ran a spirited campaign for Congress two years ago before being removed from the ballot on contrived legal grounds, is considering another run against a lackluster incumbent with a shallow base of support. A secret


If Higgins departs, local politicians would scramble

Republican Party operative Michael Caputo, who enjoys a “public relations” contract at the Erie County Water Authority, broke a story last month that was later retracted, after a staffer from the local congressional office complained. Some say that the story was


Critics say Higgins’ campaign finance plan is full of loopholes

March of this year Congressman Brian Higgins (D-South Buffalo) advanced a self-drafted plan to reform campaign finance laws pertaining to Congressional elections, titled “Restoring Confidence Through Smarter Campaigns Act,” (HR 1495). On its face, the bill would seem to advance