Secret Eddie Egriu campaign video surfaces

Eddie Egriu, the popular Buffalo businessman who ran a spirited campaign for Congress two years ago before being removed from the ballot on contrived legal grounds, is considering another run against a lackluster incumbent with a shallow base of support.

A secret video of a 2014 campaign meeting is surfacing, which political operatives say explains why the businessman and liberal social justice advocate was kicked off the ballot at the behest of some of the region’s most influential power brokers.

Egriu remains a popular figure known for his honesty and willingness to help those in need. He is being urged to run again by some of the city’s most high profile activists, but has not yet decided whether he will enter the primary.

Higgins is a Conservative Democrat whose longtime backing from the Conservative Party and support of Hillary Clinton puts him to the right of the party in a year when the left is mobilized, engaged, and prepared to vote in droves to support Bernie Sanders. His positions on the Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, and Counter Terrorism Committees have earned him harsh criticism for his oversight of national security.

Egriu is firmly in the Sanders’ faction of the Democratic Party. He has already called for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use by adults; an end to the over incarceration of minority youth; an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit; universal single payer healthcare; federal investment for hard hit post-industrial cities and towns; strict limits on agricultural chemicals; and a slew of new environmental protections.

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