2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

Cuomo privately asked Trump to be named Secretary of State in 2016

Sources close to the White House are telling The Chronicle that, in late November of 2016 just days ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo privately asked then-President-elect Donald J. Trump to nominate him Secretary of State in his

Presidential Election 2016

GOP considers drafting Condi Rice for third party run

If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, the party establishment is expected to revolt wildly and throw the party into an all out battle ahead of a bitterly contested convention. Operatives at the national level are coming to the same

Presidential Election 2016

Can Condi Rice be convinced to save the GOP?

Watching Iraq unravel and the middle east inflamed with instability makes almost certain that the 2016 presidential election will be consumed in a discourse on foreign policy. A great debate will be had between those who think America has an