County Clerk

Jacobs’ positions on drinking need explanation

County Clerk Chris Jacobs has conflicting positions on the county’s prohibition of alcoholic beverage sales that are so conflicting that they require a sincere explanation. Jacobs’ has stirred much controversy since seeing a poll three months ago that suggested that

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Chris Jacobs offends poor people

County Clerk Chris Jacobs is doubling down on his call for an earlier bar closing time, despite the issue igniting a scathing discourse with sharply classist overtones. The issue is dividing the city between its blue collar populace and its

NY Senate

Bar closing times likely to complicate Stocker-Jacobs primary

Chris Jacobs has not yet made his intentions to run for State Senate public, but sources say that Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is pushing the County Clerk to challenge Kenmore attorney Kevin Stocker for the 60th district Senate seat.

NY Senate

New poll suggests a Stocker-Jacobs primary could be competitive

A poll conducted by several local Republicans last week suggests that a 60th State Senate district primary could be competitive. The poll surveyed 3,000 likely Republican primary voters; 39% committed for Kevin Stocker; 34% committed for Chris Jacobs; and 27% were

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Poll has Stocker defeating Panepinto in landslide: 56% to 34%

In a head to head matchup between freshman State Senator Marc Panepinto and his likely opponent Kevin Stocker, Panepinto would be defeated by the popular Republican in a landslide: 56% to 34%. Panepinto has long been considered the weakest incumbent

NY Senate

Jacobs battles perception in aftermath of county executive debacle

County Clerk Chris Jacobs is battling perceptions ahead of next year’s election cycle. He stepped out of contention in the county executive’s race last year after intense party infighting with Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw and his operatives, causing many to brand

County Executive

Jacobs declines to run, as “Draft Dixon” effort heats up

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, thought to be the GOP’s strongest challenger to incumbent County Executive Mark Poloncarz, has declined to run for higher office this year. “It’s just not the right time for me,” Jacobs is quoted as saying to

County Executive

Mychajliw, on the outs, must prove himself to GOP leaders

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw was conspiring with Republican political operative Michael Caputo to aggressively primary County Clerk Chris Jacobs for County Executive. But party leaders have pushed back hard against that prospect in recent weeks, effectively putting the 41

County Executive

Caputo is plotting against Jacobs, says source

The Buffalo Chronicle received an anonymous email this morning detailing a Sunday meeting between Republican political operative Michael Caputo (who mismanaged Carl Paladino’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign with much fanfare) and Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, whose short tenure has stirred much

County Executive

Perfect storm for Poloncarz makes reelection unlikely

County Executive Mark Poloncarz is riding high on a poll that says his favorability is at 67%. But asking a respondent whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of the County Executive doesn’t translate into votes. When you change the

County Executive

Poloncarz is feeling pressure on term limits issue

County Executive Marc Poloncarz is feeling the political pressure on the issue of term limits. He has been reluctant to articulate his views on the issue while his political allies, including Legislator Betty Jean Grant, openly oppose term limits. Legislature Majority Leader

County Executive

Republicans consider contenders for County Executive

Erie County Republican Party Chairman Nicholas Langworthy is being credited with a surprisingly unified local party, evidenced by a cordial discourse among a strong group of GOP contenders. Several candidates openly discuss their interest in the County Executive’s office, while others have


Jacobs’ stellar performance has earned second term

Endorsement for County Clerk Chris Jacobs is a first term County Clerk whose management skills have righted an office that had come to epitomize government dysfunction and mismanagement. Upon taking office he encountered the now infamous 3-year backlog of mortgage documents that