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At Schumer’s urging, Amtrak will accommodate cannabis users on slow-moving routes

Amtrak is planning to accommodate cannabis users on its traditional regular-speed routes across the country, including on trains that run between Buffalo and New York City.  The move is at the urging of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who believes


Tribal leaders ask Pelosi to step aside ahead of midterms

(December 28, 2021) — Clint Halftown, the federally recognized leader of the Cayuga Nation of New York, has privately asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi to step aside from the Speakership post as soon as possible but certainly prior to next spring’s

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Fentanyl Sanctions Act will target illicit traffickers in China

China Is The World’s Largest Producer Of Illicit Fentanyl And Currently Lacks The Capacity To Regulate Fentanyl; New Legislation Will Pressure China To Move Forward With An Aggressive Plan And Help U.S. Go After Illicit Traffickers The bipartisan Fentanyl Sanctions

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Schumer rails against robocalls and demands a federal ban

Schumer: “Americans Are Desperate For A ‘Silent Night’ Free Of Robocalls This Holiday Season & Beyond” Announcing that new federal legislation to finally help put an end to those hair-pulling robocalls is on the brink of being signed into law,

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Schumer calls for ban on flavored e-cigarettes

With More And More Young People All-Out Addicted To Flavors, Schumer Says Close Loophole Now & Finalize Rule ASAP Just as the administration wavers on a possible ban on flavored e-cigarettes, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, standing at Depew High

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Schumer may align with Tribes to delay USMCA ratification

The first North American trade agreement was the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, negotiated by John Jay and Alexander Hamilton — and known widely as the “Jay Treaty. Article III affirmed the right of Indians to conduct nation to nation


Schumer pressured to prioritize Rust Belt in infrastructure plan

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the most senior Democrat in the federal government, is being pressured by a Midwestern contingent of the party to prioritize struggling legacy cities in the formerly industrial Midwest in any infrastructure bill that emerges in