2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

After a stunningly boring debate, Democrats begin to look to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

It’s hard to believe, but the Democratic Presidential Primary debate hosted on CNN — in the middle of a pandemic and an economic panic — was more boring than you could have imagined.  Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator

2020 Presidential Election

What would Trump do in a second term?

BY JAMES PETHOKOUKIS Did Donald Trump take over the Republican Party, or was it the other way around? Yes, Trump’s multi-front trade war was a violent break from GOP economic orthodoxy. But in many other ways on policy, the president

Vice President

Nikki Haley honored by AEI with the 2019 Irving Kristol Award

Former Governor of South Carolina and United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was honored by the American Enterprise Institute last week, naming her the recipient of the 2019 Irving Kristol Award.  She delivered charming and, at times,

2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

Ty Whelly, former Marine, says Elizabeth Warren paid him for sex

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, is being accused of engaging in a months-long sexual relationship with Ty Whelly, a married 24-year former Marine and bodybuilder who lives in the Washington, DC area. Whelly

2020 Presidential Election

Biden wants to raise capital gains tax “back to 39%”

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said he’d like to raise the capital gains tax rate to 39.6 percent, a near doubling of the current 20 percent.  Biden made the remarks on Wednesday, August 21 during an interview with Iowa Public

Presidential Election 2016

Aide testifies that Clinton used personal email for State business

Insists that monitoring Clinton’s illicit use of private email ‘wasn’t really part of my job,’ but adds, ‘I wish she had used a State Department account’ Judicial Watch today released the transcript of a court-ordered deposition of Jacob “Jake” Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s

2020 Presidential Election

Yes, Byron Brown should run for President

Mayor Byron Brown, the accomplished four-term Mayor of New York’s second largest City, is being urged by his most inner circle of advisors to enter the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating process later this year. Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Mayor’s longtime

2020 Presidential Election

Judge Lamberth excoriates DOJ in Clinton email case

Judge Lamberth Orders Schedule  for Discovery Within Ten Days (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that, in a ruling excoriating both the U.S. Departments of State and Justice, U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth has ordered both agencies to join Judicial Watch

2020 Presidential Election

Court orders Clinton to answer new email questions under oath

Judicial Watch announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that within 30 days Hillary Clinton must answer under oath two additional questions about her controversial email system. In 2016, Clinton was required to submit under oath written answers

Presidential Election 2016

Clinton advisor privately blames running mate Tim Kaine for loss

Senator Tim Kaine may have helped Hillary Clinton secure thirteen electoral votes, but privately she blames her running mate for her 2016 loss to President Donald J. Trump, a former staffer for the campaign tells The Chronicle. Clinton believes that Kaine


Al Gore praises Ivanka Trump after meetings at Trump Tower

Al Gore heaped rare praise on a Republican Monday, hailing Ivanka Trump as a dedicated environmentalist. The former vice president took two meetings at Trump Tower Monday — one with Ivanka Trump, and a longer one with President-elect Donald Trump


America supports Trump’s Carrier deal

Donald Trump’s first big move as president-elect is wildly popular with voters, a poll released Tuesday shows. Trump’s deal with air conditioning manufacturer Carrier is viewed favorably by 60 percent of registered voters, according to the survey by Politico/Morning Consult.