Ty Whelly, former Marine, says Elizabeth Warren paid him for sex

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, is being accused of engaging in a months-long sexual relationship with Ty Whelly, a married 24-year former Marine and bodybuilder who lives in the Washington, DC area. Whelly says that he met Warren earlier this year through a website, Cowboys4Angels, where she is alleged to have offered to compensate him for sex.

That accusation was made public earlier this week, but Warren has not commented to media outlets about it, and the major cable television networks have largely blockaded the story.

The media blackout comes at a time when the #MeToo discourse, often pushed by left-leaning media organizations, has catalyzed an avalanche of journalism that has crushed the careers of men in similar positions.  Observers say it raises questions of media bias against Republicans and against men.

Whelly, a personal fitness instructor and bodybuilder, has a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.  He came public with allegations at a press conference organized by conservative political operative Jacob Wohl.

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  1. What a Republican joke! Elizabeth Warren a sex freak….? Lol. Dafuk outta here with your nonsense you Reich Wing douche bag!

  2. We won the White House and we’re going to one of those again and since President Trump has been president the Democrats have done absolutely nothing for this country they should not even be paid all they’re doing is fighting him every single day they do nothing nothing for our country I don’t know how they can look in the mirror all scumbags

  3. Well we won the White House We Will Win It Again Trump has done everything that he said he was going to do he’s the best president we’ve had ever you don’t have to like him but you should see what he’s doing and vote for him but the Democrats are too damn stupid they shouldn’t even be getting paid they have done absolutely nothing since he’s been elected nothing but fight him spend money to fight him it’s wrong wrong wrong take your pain away from until they start doing something for the country and see how they like that thank you

  4. The socialist liberals are real idiots. After all the sex stuff they tried to dig up about Trump and Kavanaugh, they have the guts to say “ What does that have to do with her running the country?”

  5. Cowboys 4 Angels?
    And Elizabeth is a Native Indian?
    Cowboys and Indians is her gig, huh?

    War Hen has been a very naughty girl!
    Forbidden fruit.

    I gots to go get one of those beer thingys that all the cool kids are drinkin’.

  6. Applying the standard of evidence used against Kavanaugh and Trump, this must be true. She should drop out immediately. Just as one Democrat said: Its the seriousness of the allegation, not the evidence that matters.

  7. Wasn’t this douche dishonorably discharged & his wife divorced him for domestic abuse?
    He lied about his military service. STOLEN VALOR is a crime. His family is pure trash, religious fanatics & of course….Trump Supporters. The lowest of the low, that jabroni.

  8. She is a healthy girl who likes men – though it’s kinda weird to have a guy with no fur at all but I guess that’s all the trend. Wife likes to clench the fur on my back when we’re enjoying each other’s company. Anyway, she should but this on a campaign bumper sticker. ‘Liz Loves the US Marines, Like a Normal Okie Girl! Liz 2020!”

  9. President should mention her playing Cowboys and Indians. I want to see the dude tell his story to Congress. Hopefully, he remembers when it was and what country.

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