Critics worry that Cuomo will move to Italy to escape criminal prosecution

Sources inside the Executive Chamber are worried that Governor Andrew Cuomo has retained the assistance of a real estate leasing agent based in the Italian city of Pompeii, near his paternal grandparents’ hometown of Tramonti, an idyllic village set atop mountains overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

The staffer believes that Cuomo may be planning to move abroad for three to six years before returning to New York, but insists that Cuomo plans to defend himself rigorously from afar.

Tentatively Cuomo plans to enter the import-export business and will launch his own luxury product labels in categories including blended wines, leather shoes, specialty olive oils, and high-end fashion, in which Italian producers are known for exceptional quality.  He has even been toying with the idea of becoming an art dealer — a boyhood dream that he’s never had time to pursue.

But Cuomo’s critics wonder if he could have a more sinister motive.

If Cuomo leaves the United States before charges are brought against him in any of the public corruption, obstruction of justice, or sexual assault investigations in which he is the principal suspect, it could complicate his prosecution.

It could also make it more difficult for investigators to question Cuomo.

His resignation becomes effective in 11 days.  The New York Constitution stipulates that the Lt. Governor becomes acting Governor whenever he is out of state, which could effectively transfer the powers of the office to Kathy Hochul sooner than expected.

Tramonti, Italy, on the Amalfi coast, was the home of Andrew Cuomo’s paternal grandparents before they emigrated to Queens, New York. 


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